Cormier, Michel - PhyXsius

Year of Release: 2005
Label: Cormdaddy Productions
Catalog Number: CDP-001
Format: CD
Total Time: 45:15:00

On his debut release, the all-instrumental PhyXsius, multi-instrumentalist Michel Cormier is responsible for every sound and nuance you hear.?"Intro" and "PhyXsius" kick off the disc, both are up-tempo, high energy, and feature plenty of keyboard soloing.? The title track reminds me of Anglagard, and is the only track to showcase Cormier's guitar soloing.?? Cormier's decision to record a solo album comes after years of frustration (all us musicians have felt this), trying to get bands off the ground, promoted and so on.

The longest track "120 Blvd. Du Montparnasse" is the discs centerpiece, with some Genesis influenced keyboard sounds and soling early on, eventually transforming itself with ominous keyboard voicings in sharp contrast to the earlier upbeat mood of the song.?? The eerie feel continues to the songs 14 minute conclusion, providing the spaciest moments on the disc.? Again, his use of guitar (this time acoustic) although very brief, provides good balance to the heavy keyboard use.? Cormier explores electronic-techno rhythms for "Sit Back?.RelaX," and "Hope" with mixed results, as I like some of the musical themes, but not crazy about the beats utilized.?

Cormier's music should appeal to fans of keyboard based electronic / symphonic progressive based?music influenced by Mike Oldfield and Tangerine Dream among others.? The biggest issue is Cormier's heavy reliance on keyboards, his guitar (both acoustic and electric) should have more presence to expand the sound and textural possibilities.? A solid release? demonstrating a love for the vintage keyboard sounds,? rooted in melody,? forgoing meandering spacey jams in favor of well thought out pieces of music.

Intro (3:11) / PhyXsius (5:48) / Time must have a stop (6:28) / 120 Blvd. Du Montparnasse (14:22) / Sit Back?RelaX (4:28) / Hope (5:56) / Facing god (5:31)

Michel Cormdaddy - all instrumentation and drum programming

PhyXsius (2005)

Genre: Various Genres

Origin CA

Added: July 25th 2005
Reviewer: Eric Porter

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Language: english


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