Bruniusson, Hasse - Flying Food Circus

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Burlesco Recordings
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:30:00

Hasse Bruniusson (also spelled Hans at times) has been one of the most influential drummers in Sweden as a member of Samla Mammas Manna, The Flower Kings, and early on in the 60's with Objections. Bruniusson is a highly regarded and respected groundbreaking progressive rock drummer as well as an entertaining stage clown. As they say "If the shoes fits, wear it" and Hasse's music is very similar to watching a three-ring circus, except in this case you are listening to it. He plays the part of drummer and court jester on Flying Food Circus.

Some of this music is weird and at that same time brilliant, I have no other way of explaining it. Certainly it is a combination that you may be challenged to understand. You also may get lost at times while listening, but do not fuss, Hasse pulls you right back into his jazz, rock, experimental fusion odyssey. If you crave for something on the lunatic fringe, the odd or slightly off center and you enjoy progressive rock that leans heavily towards jazz and experimental you will love this CD, if not you may have a hard time grasping the concept of the whole thing. I am about 50/50 with this kind of music, at times I drifted off because I was unable to focus, then as quickly as I was lost I would find my way back and become an intent audience, but that is me. It is definitely not music for everyone, then again it has a devoted following that has been gathering strength with each passing year.

Roine Stolt lends his old collaborator a hand, which makes it that much more appealing if you are a Flower Kings fan that cannot get their hands on enough from that band and all their solo projects (count me as one of those people). Always held in high regard amongst his peers, a drummer in a band that plays any kind of to-the-left-music with strange and odd timing enjoys the respect and admiration of his audience and the title of master. I reserve no room for uncertainty that Hasse is one of the best in the world. He has been at it since the 60's and that kind of longevity speaks for itself.

I highly recommend this album to any one with an open mind and a true enduring love for music. I cannot say much more so I will let you see for yourself and let the music do the talking.

The Instrument For A Good Dressage (5:21) / The Different Kind Of Goodness (4:50) / Erfarenheit Von Panopticon (7:03) / Pot On The Head & Oranges Under The Arms (4:05) / Collect Relapses (6:54) / Le Tambour De Ville (3:20) / The Man Without Qualities (9:01) / Sleighride To Ettal (4:36) / The Nord Reel (2:27) / A Clowns Opinion, A Belated Prologue (4:13)

Hasse Bruniusson - Tama acoustic drums, ddrums, marimba, glockenspiel, percussion, additional keyboards, voices
Roine Stolt - Fender precision bass, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards
Mats Öberg - piano, korg synthesizer, hohner clavinet, accordeon, the green pod
Håkan Almkvist - sitar
Bosse Hulphers - accordion
Johan Lund Anderson - clarinet

Samla Mammas Manna:
Samla Mammas Manna (1971)
Maltid (1973)
Klossa Knapitatet (1974)
Snorungarnas Symfoni (1976)
For Aldre Nybegynnare (1978)
Kaka (1993)

The Flower Kings:
Back in the World of Adventures (1995)
Retropolis (1996)
Stardust We Are (1997/2000)
Scanning The Greenhouse (comp) (1998)
Flower Power (1999)
The Rainmaker (2001)
The Rainmaker - Special Edition (2001)
Unfold The Future (2002)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin SE

Added: November 17th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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