Burnt Noodle - Noodle And The Damage Done

Year of Release: 1998
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 63:16:00

Imagine you haven't been up-to-date where the current wave of progressive rock is concerned and you would like to know what all the fuss is all about. Or imagine that you have been reading about this new wave of prog for some time now and would like to buy a characteristic release to commemorate this revival. For whatever reason, Burnt Noodle's Noodle And The Damage Done merits your attention. The tongue-in-cheek Neil Young spoof of a title alone is worth your money. This Californian band is able to keep the balance between a great deal of healthy progressive rock, acoustic finesse and psychedelic atmosphere. In a song like "Fall Song," CSN&Y harmonies flow together with the laid-back music in order to let the whole thing come floating towards you. "The rest of the album contains pure improvisations," says the band. That's obvious, as improvised tunes dare to go on and on, in fact "longer than expected." If you say improvisation one immediately thinks of the Grateful Dead and the more recent Phish. This last band is exactly THE band to whom I'd like to compare Burnt Noodle. When it really has to be unpredictable then you have found the correct address with room for lots of guitar solos which equally feel at home in the softer passages and the extremely loud moments as well. Don't you just say space-rock when you listen to the almighty music of Burnt Noodle!

We've Reached The Ocean (4:00) / Fall Song (5:57) / We Need To Talk (3:37) / First Rain (3:47) / Thin Air (8:30) / Don't Look Down (7:23) / Deep End-Attention Residents (8:49) / Noodle In A Nutshell (22:33)

Gregory A. Haldan - guitar, vocals
Paul Lamb - synth noise, bass, e-bow, vocals
Tom Hardy - guitar, vocals
Rich Sherwood - drums, vocals

Noodle And The Damage Done (1998)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: January 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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