Chesterfield Kings, The - The Mindbending Sounds Of The Chesterfield Kings

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Sundazed
Catalog Number: 11131
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:36:00

This is my first album by The Chesterfield Kings. I am however not new to this genre of music. I was a little boy when this sound was king. What I realize as well is that the garage rock revival is alive and well and that this band has played a major role in that success. They have been hard at work keeping this type of music alive since 1979. That happens all the time; even if you are into music as I am, you miss some of the great bands that come and go. Well these boys are still knockin' down the tunes. I have made no bones about it in previous reviews; I think the '60s was the most important decade for music, period. When I hear good rock 'n' roll plain and uncomplicated as this band plays it brings me back to those simpler times. It all triggers fond thoughts of my childhood, which I find very comforting as an adult.

The Mindbending Sounds Of? is a brilliant album, although I was surprised to read a less than flattering review on the AMG site. However, if I was a perspective buyer and read that article I would probably look into their back catalog first before I got this album. I do heartily disagree with all the negative press I read because I honestly believe that this is a damned good rock record. Perhaps because I have no prior albums to compare and contrast it to ? well forget about it because this is great music. I enjoyed the guitar playing; complete with fuzz and psychedelic garage licks strewn over the tough edged Mick Jagger like vocals. Check out all the different instruments they used (see credits) and you will understand why this was such a dazzling production.

There are very few groups making music like this anymore. Take it for what its worth, this is a top-notch throwback group that has its act down, no doubt about it. Picture one of those films about the '60s and teenagers set in a popular nightclub and The Chesterfield Kings is the house band ? that is how I envision this band. Everyone has their own thought process and feelings hence your interpretation will be different from mine when you hear this music. Know one thing ? this is great rock music that will keep you smilin' from start to finish.

I Don't Understand (3:30) / Running Through My Nightmares (4:00) / Somewhere Nowhere (3:32) / Trip Through Tomorrow (3:15) / Transparent Life (2:50) / Death Is The Only Real Thing (3:52) / Disconnection (4:15) / Stems And Flowers (3:13) / Flashback (3:17) / Memos From Purgatory (3:04) / Mystery Trip (4:37) / Non-Entity (2:55) / Endless Circles (2:57) / The Fading Of My Mind (3:56)

Andy Babiuk - dulcimer, acoustic guitar, bass, guitar, sitar, background vocals, tamboura, fuzz bass, pianette, baritone guitar
Greg Prevost - guitar, harmonica, violin, castanets, maracas, tambourine, viola, vocals, background vocals, claves, Mellotron
Mike Boise - castanets, drums, maracas, tabla, tambourine, theremin, claves
Paul Morabito - lead guitar, Rickenbacker 12-string, piano, organ, zither, clavioline, mandolin, tape effects, backinggroudn vocals

Additional Musicians:

Jorma Kaukonen - guitar
Little Steven - organ, baritone fuzz guitar, background vocals

Here Are The Chesterfield Kings (1983)
Stop (1985)
Don't Open Til Doomsday (1987)
The Berlin Wall Of Sound (1990)
Let's Go Get Stoned (1994)
Where The Action Is (1999)
The Mindbending Sounds Of The Chesterfield Kings (2003)
Psychedelic Sunrise (2007)

Genre: Psychedelic-Space Rock

Origin US

Added: September 8th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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