Chrome Shift - Ripples In Time

Year of Release: 2003
Label: DVS Records
Catalog Number: DVS008
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:47:00

Chrome Shift are a Denmark based band that plays prog-metal. Well, I have to say that this phrase isn't quite right, because there are also some clear influences of prog rock, as in this disc there are softer pieces than classic prog-metal style. So it can be said we are in front of a wise mix of these two styles, which results in something very interesting.

Many people believe that this group has some clear influences of Dream Theater and Pain Of Salvation, but, to be honest, I didn't find these points of reference used a lot. Instead, I have to put in evidence how from time to time there are Yes and Rush influences, plus the prog-metal groups I mentioned before.

These considerations don't let you make the mistake of thinking that Chrome Shift isn't an original group, instead in the modern scene, they are one of the most innovative bands.

Also thanks to Rasmus Bak's voice, which reminded me a lot of Adrian Belew (singer and guitarist with King Crimson) and of Damian Wilson (ex- [and now back with] Threshold and Landmarq vocalist). Another thing to say is that the band shows all of its technical abilities -- as evidenced by guitarist Otto Scutt, who has a more metal style, and keyboardist Jakob Paulsen, who is more classical -- but without losing the melody, and this fact makes Ripples In Time a good album from all points of view.

Nightmachine (5:24) / Full Moon (4:45) / In My Own Dream (4:13) / Shadowsong (1:07) / Through (5:54) / Kosmonauten Er Død (3:56) / Le Temp Des Assassins (3:47) / Sorry (4:39) / Ripples In Time I (5:16) / Ripples In Time II (5:31) / Ripples In Time III (4:41) / Ripples In Time IV (4:27)

Otto Schütt ? guitars
Jens Christian Nielsen ? bass
Jakob Paulsen ? keyboards
Poul Terkildsen ? drums
Rasmus Bak ? vocals

Ripples In Time (2003)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin DK

Added: July 3rd 2003
Reviewer: Davide Guidone
Artist website:
Hits: 643
Language: english


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