Eris Pluvia - Rings Of Earthly Light

Year of Release: 1991
Label: Musea Records
Catalog Number: FGBG 4048.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:17:00

Eris Pluvia's Rings Of Earthly Light is one of the most beautful, lush, exquisite, and enjoyable disks in my vast and varied collection. It is heartbreakingly beautiful; I've rarely felt that about an album (I dare say, this may be the only one). I fell in love with the rich symphonics upon first hearing it ... gosh has it really been eight years? How time flies.

From the light and airy flute lines and emotive guitar lines (a bit Rothery-esque these, but only hintingly), to the textured drumming, to the warm saxophone, this is terrific package from start to finish. Serri's vocals are warm and wonderful - this is not a prog band plaqued by a subpar vocalist. The accent to his voice adds character to his delivery - clearly among my favourite vocalists. Admittedly, Serri isn't a distinct singer - words are blended together - but this gives them a more instrument quality.

Again, this is such a beautiful disk, and such a pleasure to listen to. Not only that, it is well produced. There's no filler, no boring sections as the music moves through it's many movements. Guest vocalist Valeria Caucino sings only for one track, but makes a great impact. Though her tone is high, it is entirely perfect for this album and the piece she sings on, "Sell My Feelings."

Rings is a concept album, a medievel theme - a romance both in the common sense and in the poetic sense. The music itself evokes emerald green forests, leaves glistening in the bright, crisp sunlight, while the sun's warmth envelopes you. This is romanticism of Keats, Wordsworth, Byron... - though the writing style is not similar to either.

As I read it, a man has drifted into a realm of fantasy (I'm thinking more Michael Whelen than Boris Vallejo here), into a chivalric time. Think they mysticism of the Arthurian legends. I'm being vague only to avoid being too descriptive ... this is a review not an essay.

There is a nice mix between vocal and instrumental pieces, some containing more a folk element, while others are clearly in the neo-progressive area - vaquely reminicent of Marillion (but only for a few notes).

The opening, title track is a 17 minute suite of shifting textures and complexity; the remaining tracks are of a much shorter duration, but no less interesting for it.

I can't help saying that I love this album; more so with each listen - and after eight years, this has had plenty of listens. I strongly urge you to seek this album out as it comes very highly recommended.

Rings Of Earthly Light: a) Earthscore, b) Portrait, c) Sell My Feelings, d) Following Her In A Fantasy Lake, e) I Re-emerged, Ancient Knight, In Presence Of Metal Knights (17:12) / In The Rising Mist (4:26) / The Broken Path (1:32) / Glares Of Mind (3:56) / Pushing Together (4:40) / You'll Become Rain (2:14) / The Way Home (9:17)

Alessandro Serri - voice, electric and acoustic guitars, and flute
Paolo Raciti - piano and keyboards
Edmondo Romano - recorder flute, saxophone, and backing vocals
Marco Forella - bass and acoustic guitar
Martino Murtas - drums and percussion
Valeria Caucino - vocals (1c)
Enrico Paparella - acoustic guitar (3)
Alessandro Cavatorti - acoustic guitar (4)
Sabrina Quarelli - violin (4 & 7)

Rings Of Earthly Light (1991)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin IT

Added: October 1st 1999
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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