Coryell, Larry - Offering

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Universe
Catalog Number: 28
Format: CD
Total Time: 38:36:00

Larry Coryell is considered to be one of the pioneers and original innovators of jazz rock fusion. He got his start in the 60's and continues to produce great and ground-breaking music to this day.

Offering was released in 1972 and it sounds as crisp, new, and captivating as it did when as it was first released. Coryell leads the way with electric jazz fusion compositions as the rest of this band joins in with a standout rhythm section, smooth saxophone, and psychedelic fuzzed out keyboards. His earlier work such as this was previously difficult to find, particularly on CD. There is a demand for his music and you may find that supplies are running short when you seek out the earlier titles by this renowned jazz guitarist. Universe Records (a division of Comet Records) with the cooperation of Vanguard Records, have released Coryell's albums in a distinguished and attractive manner. The CDs come in a gatefold cardboard case to emulate the original LP releases and there is a list on the inner sleeves of his releases up to 1999. The originality of the colorful artwork is maintained in keeping with the standards set by the previous label and the artists' work.

If you are in search of artists that have provided the building blocks to the progressive jazz genre, Larry Coryell is one of the most vital and underestimated links in comparison to his peers in the sphere of jazz music. One listen to the monumental opener "Foreplay" shows how Coryell teetered on the edge of rock and jazz consistently throughout all of his compositions. That aspect is what made him such a trail blazer. His work is gaining notoriety daily adding to his ever growing legendary status. This is but one example, there is so much more for you to enjoy and study. The magnificence and ingenuity of the music is what will drive you to seek out more of the same.

Foreplay (8:17) / Ruminations (4:21) / Scotland I (6:31) / Offering (6:40) / The Meditation of November 8th (5:14) / Beggar's Chant (8:13)

Larry Coryell - guitar
Harry Wilkinson - drums
Mervin Bronson - bass
Steve Marcus - soprano sax
Mike Mandel - electric piano with fuzz-wah

Free Spirit (1967)
Coryell (1969)
Lady Coryell (1969)
Fairyland (1971)
Barefoot Boy (1971)
Live At The Village Gate (1971)
Offering (1972)
Introducing The Eleventh House With Larry Coryell (1972)
The Real Great Escape (1973)
At Montreux (1974) (1974)
Restful Mind (1974)
Level One (1974)
Spaces (1974)
Planet End (1975)
The Other Side Of Larry Coryell (1975)
Aspects (1976)
The Lion And The Ram (1976)
Twin House (1976)
Two For The Road (1976)
Back Together Again (1977)
Live In Europe (1977)
Difference (1978)
Standing Ovation (1978)
European Impressions (1978)
Tributaries (1978)
Better Than Live (1978)
Splendid (1978)
Return (1979)
Free Smile (1979)
Bolero (1981)
Larry Coryell - Michal Urbaniak Duo (1982)
Bolero/Scheherazade (1982)
Larry Coryell (1982)
A Quiet Day In Spring (1983)
Comin' Home (1984)
Just Like Being Born (1984)
L' Oiseau De Feu (Firebird)/Petrouchka (1984)
Equipoise (1985)
Together (1985)
Le Sacre Du Printemps (1986)
Toku Do (1987)
Air Dancing (1988)
American Odyssey (1989)
Shining Hour (1989)
Coryell Plays Ravel & Gershwin (1990)
Don Lanphere/Larry Coryell (1990)
Dragon Gate (1990)
Twelve Frets To One Octave (1991)
Live From Bahia (1992)
Fallen Angel (1993)
I'll Be Over You (1994)
Sketches Of Coryell (1996)
Spaces Revisited (1997)
Cause And Effect (1998)
Scheherazade & Bolero (1998)
Monk, 'Trane, Miles & Me (1999)
Private Concert (1999)
Coryells (2000)
New High (2000)
Inner Urge (2001)
Count's Jam Band Reunion (2001)
Moments Notice (2001)
Moonlight Whispers (2002)
Cedars Of Avalon (2002)
The Power Trio: Live In Chicago (2003)
Tricycles (2004)
New York Blues (2004)
Electric (2005)
Larry Coryell, Victor Bailey & Lenny White (2005)
Larry Coryell & The Miroslav Vitous Quartet (2006)
Larry Coryell In Concert (2006)
Laid Back & Blues: Live At The Sky Church In Seattle (2006)
Traffic (2006)
Impressions: The New York Sessions (2008)
Coolidge Returns! (2008)
Earthquake At The Avalon (2009)

plus a dozen or two compilations

Genre: Fusion-Jazz Fusion

Origin US

Added: February 23rd 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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