Courage, Alexander - Star Trek: The Cage & Where No Man Has Gone Before

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Moving Image Entertainment
Catalog Number: MIE 009
Format: LP
Total Time: 41:04:00

This will bring back some memories for all of you forty-something Star Trek enthusiasts out there, myself included. Who can forget the pilot episode with Jeffrey Hunter and the little white aliens with the huge white heads with veins popping out all over them as they spoke to each other telepathically? I certainly can't, and I could watch that episode over and over again.

"Vena's Dance" with its distinctly Middle-Eastern flavor, reminded me of the famous dance scene with the voluptuous green girl. I was excited watching it back then. I couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 years old, then again I Dream Of Jeannie used to do a number on me too! Barbara Eden looked good in that cute little genie suit, now didn't she?

If you enjoy the Star Trek theme you will hear it twice on this LP. The music is all orchestrated to fit the series. It's mysterious, dark, and pensive. It's the kind of music that keeps you guessing what is going to happen next, which was the premise of each show. It's quite amazing how Gene Rodenberry's brain child has continued through the years with feature films and a continuing weekly series. I still look forward to watching each episode after all these years. Imagine, it all started in the 60s. Yes, I am older than the show if you must know. This is when it all began, and it's a great way to travel back in time to think about where you were when you saw the first two shows. The music always brings you back.

Remember this is only one of many Star Trek soundtracks, so if you are really into it, go check out the list at, it's really amazing. But first go to the Comet Records site to check out all the great OSTs that they have to offer in the vinyl format. It's got to be vinyl to make it seem like the real deal all over again.

Also released by GNP Crescendo /King Records (1985/1990) (GNPD 8006 / K32Y -4017

Side One: Star Trek Theme (Main Title) (0:50) / Doctor Bartender (1:16) / Survivors (1:37) / Prime Specimen (3:08) / Bottled (1:46) / Probed (0:45) / Monster Illusion (1:13) / Monster Fight (1:37) / The Kibitzers (0:36) / Vena's Punishment (1:44) / Pike's Punishment (0:33) / Picnic (2:09) / True Love (1:17) / Vena's Dance (1:49) / Torchy Girl (0:12)

Side Two: Under The Spell (0:26) / Primitive Thoughts (0:24) / Wrong Think (0:40) / To Catch A T. (1:19) / Going Up (1:06) / Max's Factor (2:04) / Star Trek Theme (End Title) (1:29) / Where No Man Has GOne Before (Main Title) (0:14) / Star Date (0:34) / Episode Titles (1:18) / Force Field (2:17) / Silvery Orbs (1:49) / Crippled Ship (0:53) / Speedy Reader (0:50) / Hit The Button (0:03) / On Delta Vega (0:37) / When Your Eyes Have Turned To Silver (0:58) / Instant Paradise (2:50) / End Title And Credits (0:21) / Additional Credits (0:20)



Genre: Other

Origin US

Added: July 30th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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