Dark Quarterer - The Etruscan Prophecy

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Metal Legions
Catalog Number: ML002
Format: LP
Total Time: 46:27:00

Italian progressive rock has a long and fruitful legacy dating back to the early seventies. Groups like Dark Quarterer were an underground sensation that never really got the attention that many of their contemporaries received. The Etruscan Prophecy album has been given another chance for acknowledgment and a new lease on life thanks to the new label formed by Comet Records called Metal Legions. The label's focus will be similar to that of every other label that is part of the Comet Records group; they will bring attention to lesser known groups. Metal and progressive rock releases that are of excellent quality will be carefully remastered and repackaged in the vinyl and CD formats. Those bands deserving the attention that they never got will finally get their day of reckoning.

This LP features some torrid riffing from lead guitar player Fulberto Serena throughout this long forgotten classic metal album. The vocals are what you would expect for this type of music, the high pitched piercing nails-against-the-chalkboard screams along with the lower register growls. I personally feel that vocals like this tend to grate on your nerves and take away from the intensity of the musicianship. Groups that use or used this style of vocals always seem to have more talent then what they allow to come forth in their music. You get a small dose of that on the opening track on side two, which is a beautiful Latin-Flamenco like number a little over one minute long called "The Last Hope." Even though I have never appreciated the vocals in this kind of music I have always keep an open mind and ears to the excellent variations of musical styles that are found with talented groups like this.

This LP is not the standard 180-Gram collector's vinyl that Comet Records normally offers, all the same its vinyl, which makes it an instant collectable. It is housed in an attractive gatefold sleeve album cover with liner notes in Italian and English.

Side One: Retributioner (6:19) / Piercing Hail (2:04) / The Etruscan Prophecy (9:48) / Devil Stroke (9:13)

Side Two: The Last Hope (1:34) / Angels Of Mire (9:24) / Queen Of The Sewer (8:45)

Gianni Nepi - lead vocals, bass
Paolo "Nipa" Ninci -percussions
Fulberto Serena - all Guitars, low vocals

Dark Quarterer (1987)
The Etruscan Prophecy (1989/2002)
War Tears (1994)
Violence (2002)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin IT

Added: May 18th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.darkquarterer.com
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Language: english


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