Dead Soul Tribe - Dead Soul Tribe

Year of Release: 2002
Label: InsideOut
Catalog Number: IOMCD 095/SPV 087-41862
Format: CD
Total Time: 45:03:00

One of the most poignant injustices portrayed in the metal universe has always been considered, and I totally agree with this assumption, the almost complete indifference in which clever and now defunct Psychotic Waltz, one of the few bands able to create an original approach to the genre, have slowly drowned. Well, to be honest the San Diego-based combo damaged itself, too, as they were constantly "able" to sign with labels that would shortly file for bankruptcy, but Heaven knows if this misfortune of theirs will be partially erased by the birth of Dead Soul Tribe, the new creature of Buddy Lackey, the vocalist and spiritual leader of this glorious American band. However, considering the ill-fated past, Buddy has probably thought about starting the resurrection from scratch, because in this new record he files under the name of Devon Graves, his alter ego. And the changes don't stop at the name, as Dead Soul Tribe comprise three other musicians as well, unbeknown to most and of Austrian passport: the gifted Adel Moustafa (who has also Egyptian ancestry) on drums, Roland Ivenz at bass guitar and Volker Wilschko on the other axe; all riding along with a series of songs characterized by a nervous sound inspired by one of the of new alternative-gods, Tool. But these influences are the mere vehicle adopted to come up again with the only unmistakable trait remaining intact after all these years, the most important, and that is the unparalleled skills that Psychotic Waltz possessed, and that Dead Soul Tribe masterfully bear inside themselves. So this superior tribe considered forever gone is again with us, and this time you have no more excuses to ignore it, because the album is released by the Inside Out label, a company in perfect shape.

Powertrip (3:28) / Comin' Down (5:22) / Anybody There? (1:18) / The Haunted (4:52) / The Drowning Machine (3:09) / You (3:59) / Under The Weight Of My Stone (1:42) / Once (4:50) / One Bullet (5:01) / Empty (1:02) / Cry For Tomorrow (4:10) / Bonus Tracks: Into... (1:26) / Into The Spiral Cathedral (4:44)

Devon Graves - vocals, guitar
Adel Moustafa - drums
Roland Ivenz - bass
Volker Wilschko - guitar

Dead Soul Tribe (2002)
A Murder Of Crows (2003)
The January Tree (2004)
The Dead Word (2005)
A Lullaby For The Devil (2007)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: April 7th 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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Language: english


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