Desdemona - Lady Of The Lore

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Northwind Records
Catalog Number:
Format: CD
Total Time: 56:57:00

Yet another symphonic speed metal band from Italy. It seems that Italy has produced more speed metal bands than any other country at the moment, and I get the feeling that listeners are getting a bit tired of the "same old" style unless one is dedicated to the genre. Personally, I'm burning out on the Rhapsody syndrome, but I'm always game for a band to come along and strut their stuff. Desdemona is one of those bands. I'm actually into this disc because it just does not speed along at lightning pace with the obligatory double bass in your face style. It is broken up along the way; almost in a power metal style but never leaving it's symphonic roots while doing so. I won't cover up the fact that the disc is certainly based on that very speedy element I refer to, and also the fact that the lyrics are fantasy based, complete with the "lady", devils, Lancelot, and the wonders of the land. I do have to admit that this is one catchy disc - in part due to the nice and different tone of the singer, who does not fit exactly into the "typical" Italian-style singer. Andrea Marchisio seems to have a bit of an edge on the typical singer in that he has a much more sophisticated tone to his voice, without almost a hint of an accent, and certainly melodic to the max. He guides it along with tons of harmonies and pretty much stays within his range, which does sound like he can let it, rip if he wanted to.

The orchestrated keyboards are glorious, and the guitars don't speak too much in the terms of stand out / showy style that most speed bands want to do. This guitarist is content to let the overall music speak for itself and remain part of the team.

The production is way above average - nothing to worry about here in the sound dept.

As a prog metal fan, I'm not saying that this is a disc that needs to be purchased blindly, but I am saying that fans of Italian speed / fantasy metal in general would do well to get a listen to this band. The singer alone is worth the listen to these ears. Even if the speed metal genre is becoming a routine listen for most, there is always something else to be offered, and Desdemona serves it up nicely and wisely.

Black Lady (8:25) / Shadows Of My Life (7:14) / Event Horizon (5:09) / Lancelot (10:11) / Othello's Crying (6:26) / Neptune The Mystic (6:44) / If I Were Fire (S'i' Fosse Foco) (7:11) / Changing Skin (5:37)

Andrea Marchisio - vocals
Christian Rosso - guitars
Foca Torchia - keyboards
Alessandro Mussa - bass
Maurizio Anello - drums

Lady Of The Lore (2001)
Look For Yourself (2004)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin IT

Added: June 26th 2002
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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