Dio - Stand Up And Shout - The Anthology

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros. Records
Catalog Number: 73855
Format: CD
Total Time: 146:14:00

Let me tell you a tale about demons and wizards, black magic, heaven and hell, worlds with no light, and shadows lurking around every corner that are deceptions waiting to haunt you and steal your soul away. These are the images transformed into the reality of music found on the strange highways inside the mind of heavy metal icon Ronnie James Dio.

Stand Up And Shout - The Anthology is an incisive two disc set documenting one of the most successful careers in the history of metal and hard rock music. One of the things that always intrigued me was the image Dio projected. He was all theatrics. He effectively used wailing hard rock guitars that pounded away with no mercy while belting out grim and dark lyrics with a devilish grin that said all the while he was doing it ? I am having the time of my life. If you turn the name Dio upside down and look at it from left to right, it spells Devil in an inconspicuous way using the curves and elegance of lettering from days long past. How many of you that would consider yourself fans knew this? The disturbing cover art has images writhing in painful ecstasy under the watchful eye of the king of darkness, who seems to be in his splendor. It all gives ample evidence that the music will take you to a land of macabre creatures. The subject matter of the songs does not lend itself to thoughts of romantic interludes by any means, but Dio was able to make all of his intrepid darkness and images desirable in some weird way. There have been few like him since he broke out in the '70s.

As he started coming into his own while working with Blackmore, he was beginning to find himself and the true authority of his voice, and by the time he stepped in as lead singer for Black Sabbath he was a legitimate heavy metal idol. As his experience grew so did his confidence and then a solo career was ready to take flight. His career blossomed as a solo act and now we can look back from the beginning to where he is in present day by listening to this wide-ranging collection. You will find that this music is some of the most thunderous heavy metal crunch you will ever have the gratification of feasting your ears upon. Oh yes Ronnie James rocked, and he is still at it to this very day. He must have found the fountain of youth somewhere along the long road he has traveled, or maybe he sold his soul for rock 'n' roll! The imagination can run wild while absorbing every word and musical note found on these two discs of metallic mania.

When you listen to the tracks from Elf (?Hoochie Koochie Lady? & ?Carolina County Ball?), which were blues honky-tonk rock, it pales in comparison to the power and strength of the molten metal that Dio's voice would embrace in the future. Rainbow (?Man On The Silver Mountain? & ?Lady Starstruck?) and Black Sabbath (?Heaven And Hell? & ?Neon Knights?) were stopovers before his solo career (?Rainbow In The Dark?, ?Holy Diver,? ?Lock Up The Wolves? and ?The Last In Line?) began. Paying his dues with established rock bands would prove to be time well spent, as his solo career was successful right from the beginning.

Dio was indeed our ?Rainbow In The Dark? for many years and rock music now has a richer and more interesting history because of his work. Do not be the ?Last In Line? to pick this up, and keep in mind ? one person's hell is another's heaven, and of course it is just the opposite on the other side of the mirror. Just listen to this music and you will see reflections from both sides.

Disc One: Hoochie Koochie Lady [Elf] (5:34) / I'm Coming Back To You (3:28) / Carolina County Ball (4:47) / Man On The Silver Mountain (4:39) / Starstruck (4:07) / Long Live Rock 'N' Roll (4:21) / Neon Knights (3:53) / Children Of The Sea (5:34) / Heaven And Hell (6:58) / Turn Up The Light (3:42) / The Sign Of The Southern Cross (7:45) / The Mob Rules (3:15) / Computer God (6:12) / Voodoo (live) (5:30) / Sacred Heart (live) (6:28)

Disc Two: Stand Up And Shout (3:18) / Holy Diver (5:51) / Don't Talk To Strangers (4:55) / Straight Through The Heart (4:34) / Rainbow In The Dark (4:16) / We Rock (4:35) / The Last In Line (5:45) / Egypt (The Chains Are On) (7:01) / King Of Rock And Roll (3:51) / Hungry For Heaven (4:12) / Dream Evil (4:24) / All The Fools Sailed Away (7:13) / Lock Up The Wolves (8:33) / Strange Highways (6:52)

Vinny Appice - drums
Jimmy Bain - bass, keyboards
Ritchie Blackmore - bass, guitar
Geezer Butler - bass
Vivian Campbell - guitar
Tony Carey - keyboards
Teddy Cook - bass
Bob Daisley - bass
Gary Driscoll - percussion, drums
Steve Edwards - guitar
David Feinstein - guitar
Craig Goldy - guitar
Craig Gruber - bass
Tony Iommi - guitar
Jens Johansson - keyboards
Henry Lowther - trumpet
Mitchell Singing Boys - choir, chorus
Cozy Powell - crums
Chris Pyne - trombone
Rowan Robertson - guitar
Claude Schnell - keyboards
Micky Lee - Soule - organ, piano, keyboards, vocals, clavinet, Mellotron
Barry St. John - background vocals
Liza Strike - background vocals
Ray Swinfield - clarinet
Billy Ward - drums
Simon Wright - drums

Elf - Elf (1972)
Elf - L.A./59 (1974) (aka Carolina County Ball outside US)
Elf - Trying To Burn The Sun (1975)
Rainbow - Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975)
Rainbow - Rainbow Rising (1976)
Rainbow - On Stage (1977)
Rainbow - Long Live Rock N' Roll (1978)
Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell (1980)
Black Sabbath - The Mob Rules (1981)
Black Sabbath - Live Evil (1982)
Holy Diver (1983)
The Last In Line (1984)
Sacred Heart (1985)
Dream Evil (1987)
Elf - Gargantuan (1989)
Lock Up The Wolves (1990)
Elf ? The Elf Albums (1991)
Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer (1992)
Strange Highways (1994)
Elf Albums (1994)
Diamonds: The Best Of Dio (1994)
Black Sabbath - Under Wheels Of Confusion: 1970-1987 (1996)
Angry Machines (1996)
Rainbow - The Very Best Of Rainbow (1997)
Inferno: Last In Live (1998/2000*)
Rainbow - 20th Century Masters ? The Millenium Edition (2000)
Magica (2000)
The Very Beast Of Dio (2000)
Black Sabbath - Best Of Black Sabbath (2000) (Castle)
Killing The Dragon (2002)
Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology (2003)
Rainbow - Catch The Rainbow: The Anthology (2003)
Master Of The Moon (2004)
Evil Or Divine (2005)
Holy Diver Live (2006)
Black Sabbath - The Dio Years (2007)
Heaven & Hell - Live From Radio City Music Hall (2007)
Heaven & Hell - The Devil You Know (2009)

Sacred Heart - The Video (1986/2004)

* Japan, bonus tracks

Genre: Traditional Meatl

Origin US

Added: June 15th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.ronniejamesdio.com
Hits: 800
Language: english


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