DreamLand - Underwater

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Uncle Buzz
Catalog Number: UBR 12
Format: CD
Total Time: 52:54:00

Underwater, human perception is notably altered and the world suddenly seems to mutate itself into an alternate reality where the senses are stirred by confusion despite the serenity of the new dimension. Hearing loses its ability to distinguish the sharp differences between sounds, and instead seems to become a muffled reflection of echo waves. Sight is momentarily shocked at the new regalia of colors that shifts the mind from its visual paradigms. Taste and smell are apparently lost, while touch becomes a fluid experience of sensuous aquamarine caresses. The various regions of the blue kingdom evoke different feelings, at times inspiring fearsome awe, at others beauty beyond belief, at others placid relaxation, and the underwater voyage instills itself like a dream, much like this album from DreamLand does.

Acquiring the fluid essence of a continuous piece of music consisting of otherworldly guitar loops, atmospheric noises, dreamy sounds, and wide sonic tapestries, Underwater is to be observed, at both the musicians' behest and the music's demands, as an entire experience. And there is nary an opportunity of doing otherwise, as each track is segued onto the next with subtle change and foreshadowing although every constituting piece has its very own nature and distinctive features. And excepting the threatening cavernous sounds of "I Frequency, Dream In Soundwaves," the album flows with such grace and placidness that the experience is further united. Whether it is in the beautiful and atmospheric piano musings of "Underwater, Pt.1 Descent," the wonderfully evocative guitars of "Brief Moon," or the pulsing search of "Underwater, Pt.3 Echolocation," Underwater seems to be an aural picture of its creators' impressions in its deep intimacy at every moment, and a floating statement of ultramarine discovery mysteriously waiting to be unearthed.

Sonic explorations such as this are quite often affairs in which personal reaction, experience, and impressions play a vital part in the process of absorption, as their particular character allows them to conjure entire fantasy worlds and atmospheres into the imagination. It is thus that the listener cannot help but be irremediably immersed in the listening experience of DreamLand's Underwater and partake in the journey it represents, granting every moment, note, and sound a particular character than none else will be able to think of. Yet the diversity of the submarine universe is so vast, that it will doubtlessly suffice to cover the whims of every listener, and merge with the album in order to take one through a journey of wonder, fear, and infinite discovery.

Similar artists: Tangerine Dream, Carl Weingarten/Gale Ormiston/Phil Neon, Fripp/Eno

Also released through Dogfingers

Sunspots (9:53) / I Frequency, Dream In Soundwaves (7:38) / Brief Moon (4:53) / Underwater Pt.1: Descent (6:28) / Pt.2: Floating (6:49) / Pt.3: Echolocation (5:42) / Pt.4: Deep Zone (8:01) / Pt.5: Ascent (3:29)

Johnny A. Rodr?guez - synthesizers, keyboards, Native American flute, vocals
James Sidlo - guitar, loops, atmospherics

Guest musicians:

"Bobdog" Catlin - whale bass, effects
Stephanie Key - clarinet, ocarina, processing

Underwater (2001)

Genre: Electronic

Origin US

Added: July 16th 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.unclebuzz.com/dream.htm
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Language: english


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