Dynamic Lights - Resurrection

Year of Release: 2002
Label: self-released
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 26:27:00

Dynamic Lights (courtesy)With a name like Dynamic Lights, this young band from Pesaro would sooner bring to mind a lush collection of spaced out electronics à la Ash Ra Tempel or Tangerine Dream than a collection of thinking man's metal, but fact, as they say, is stranger than fiction. So add this one to your ever-growing list of new progressive metal acts, and make sure you don't forget it after the next five seconds bring you across a new entry, because it wouldn't be too bright an idea to do so. The hell? Alright, allow yours truly to take things one step at a time. Dynamic Lights is a band that just released its debut, Resurrection. The style is progressive metal. It's not exactly bringing the house down with this particular album, but there's plenty of potential, so make sure to keep your eyes wide open and follow the progress (no pun intended) of these Italians.

Because quite honestly there are a series of elements in Resurrection that bode well for the future, the most grabbing and pleasantly surprising of them being Matteo Infante's vocal harmonies, which bring to mind those of Fates Warning's former throat John Arch. A rather interesting aspect, as Arch has somehow been all but forgotten despite his vital tenure with one of prog metal's most influential and important bands, but Matteo seems to have nevertheless hit upon that singer's golden treasure of vocal interlacing.

Not to say that his companions are slouches, mind you. Dynamic Lights is a considerably tight unit, and there is a good share of absorbing riffs and themes created by its members that many other outfits would simply kill for, especially a great syncopated motif that appears somewhere in the middle of "Breath Of The Sun" and leaves the listener helplessly waiting for it to reappear at some other point, all to no avail. Furthermore, keyboardist Giovanni Bedetti sometimes manages to come up with the most wicked ideas this side of the universe; a gigantic advantage in a world where keyboard-driven prog metal sometimes seems to be the only kind that really matters.

However, despite the good notes thus just exposed, Resurrection proves that while Dynamic Lights is indeed a band with potential, it is also one that still needs to mature. Matteo's vocal melodies, for instance, are too often in his higher register and get to be a bit tiring after a while, despite the interesting harmonies, while an ailment of similar effect afflicts the rest of the band in different degrees throughout the record, forcing one to conclude that a greater ripeness in the songwriting department is due. Otherwise, however, the band's stylistic position in between Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, and late Fates Warning could actually get these guys somewhere soon. Let's hope they get it together and get there with their next effort.

Similar Artists: Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation

Matteo Infante and Marco Poderi (courtesy)

Straight To The Sun: Breath Of The Earth (6:01) / Breath Of The Sun (6:04) / Rescued From Oblivion: Awakening/Consciousness (8:42) / Deception/Revenge (4:50)

Marco Poderi - guitars
Raffaele Mariotti -bass
Matteo Infante - vocals
Simone Del Pivo - drums and percussion
Giovanni Bedetti - piano and keyboards

Night Lights (1999)
Resurrection (ep) (2002)
Shape (2005)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin IT

Added: June 2nd 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.dynamiclights.net
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Language: english


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