DGM - Hidden Place

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Scarlet Records
Catalog Number: SC 061-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 59:55:00

Hidden Place is the fourth disc by DGM, an Italian prog metal band that for the first time publishes for Scarlet Records. As it happens, many of the newer prog metal groups perform in the vein of Symphony X or Dream Theater, but they aren?t able to create any original and personal at the same time.

If we take, for example, DGM, we find that the situation is a little bit different. First of all, they follow the two groups a lot, passing from up tempo songs to quieter pieces, without losing melody and technique. For the uptempo songs, Symphony X are the main reference, and it can be also explained by Titta Tani?s voice, who sometimes seems to be a Russell Allen clone, while the calmer tracks are in Dream Theater vein. As you can imagine, the most original parts are the most beautiful as well, like for example some guitar and keyboards solos that explore jazz fields, even if guitarist Diego Reali is influenced by John Petrucci.

So the final result is uncertain, with some good tracks, like those ones at the beginning, while others are weaker, making the CD almost boring as the minutes pass by.

However, I suggest you give this record a chance, listening to it many times before giving sentence.

A Day Without The Sun (3:35) / Save Me (5:33) / Hidden Places (7:49) / Invisible Rain (6:06) / Storm # 351 (5:06) / Heaven (6:16) / Alone (6:35) / Blind!! (5:13) / Age Of The Flame (5:01) / Winter Breeze (8:17)

Titta Tani - vocals
Diego Reali - guitars
Andrea Arcangeli - bass
Fabio Sanges - keyboards
Fabio Costantini - drums

Random Access Zone (1996)
Change Direction (1997)
Wings Of Time (1999)
Dreamland (2001)
Hidden Place (2003)
Misplaced (2004)
Different Shapes (2007)
Frame (2009)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin IT

Added: June 15th 2003
Reviewer: Davide Guidone

Artist website: www.dgmsite.com
Hits: 811
Language: english


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