Electric Light Orchestra - Zoom

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Epic
Catalog Number: EK 85336
Format: CD
Total Time: 43:37:00

Whether you want to call ELO progressive or not, depends on your viewpoint, I suppose. The group doesn't put together long, intricate arrangements, and they definitely rely on pop hooks and melodies to make their point. However, in the early days, ELO was a ground-breaking group whose members played not only the typical electric instrumentation for a rock band, but also traditional stringed instruments such as violin and cello. Still, they definitely had, and still have, a pop sound.

The truth is, however, that Jeff Lynne, who is the driving force behind ELO (and, let's face it, is really all of ELO on this album), is one great songwriter. This album overflows with terrific pop-rock songs, many of them very Beatle-ish in nature, which is typical of ELO's sound to some extent. Unfortunately, the great songs just make it all the more disappointing that the recording quality of this album is so poor. All of the tracks sound dark and muddy, lacking crispness and presence. This fact is strange considering Jeff Lynne's extensive experience in the studio -- so strange that I wondered for a moment whether my equipment was malfunctioning.

Nothing, short of a bad performance, ruins an album for me more than bad production. While I'm often willing to give bands on a low budget the benefit of the doubt, ELO can afford the best and has no excuse for turning out an album that is listenable only if you have a good equalizer attached to your stereo equipment. Whatever has happened to Jeff Lynne's ears?

Alright (3:11) / Moment In Paradise (3:36) / State Of Mind (3:05) / Just For Love (3:39) / Stranger On A Quiet Street (3:40) / In My Own Time (3:04) / Easy Money (2:51) / It Really Doesn't Matter (3:20) / Ordinary Dream (3:23) / A Long Time Gone (3:15) / Melting In The Sun (3:10) / All She Wanted (3:14) / Lonesome Lullaby (4:06)

Jeff Lynne - plays just about everything

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Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: February 8th 2002
Reviewer: Clayton Walnum

Artist website: www.elomusic.com
Hits: 905
Language: english


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