Everon - Bridge

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Mascot Records
Catalog Number: M 7067 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 55:58:00

"There's a secret down in that river deep, but those who find it don't come back to speak"

If I had to give my review in one sentence, it would go like this: Bridge is the first Everon CD I have ever heard, and after listening to it for the past few weeks now, I think I may want another Everon album in my collection, or, as some call it, the collection. Anyways, that one sentence should be enough to tell you that I like Bridge, but this review is not for me; instead, it is for you.

"Behind walls of science, moral, faith or spirituality, no matter where you hide life catches up with you eventually..."

The intro, "Bridge-theme," is one truly memorable piece, one that flows beautifully into the upbeat and catchy "Across The Land," a song that has one of the coolest musical breaks I have heard all year. What I find special about this disc is how it seamlessly goes from light atmospheric tones and choruses to dark themes and musical structures. A good example of this is on the track entitled "Juliet." They go from a passionate "When a happy couple" to an almost "grindy" and heavy "Romeo is bleeding, while Juliet gladly smiles." I love the transition and originality. With Bridge, Everon finds a distinctive balance between progressive rock and progressive metal, one that should garner attention from fans of both genres.

"God knows I've tried hard to forgive her; God knows I've tried hard to forget her; God knows I've loved. God knows I've given; God knows I'm mad. God knows I'm driven"

The lyrics above are from "Driven," my favorite song on the album. The transition from verse to chorus (the quoted item above) is awesome, to put it simply. Again, it has that light to dark musical concept, and the vocal harmonizing is superb. This song will, without a doubt, be one of my favorites of 2002. The first half of the album probably has the best and more developed songs overall, but a few towards the conclusion are also well done, namely the Dream Theater-sh instrumental "Puppet Show" and the title track.

"He can't break you; Don't let him break you; He won't break you"

Musically, Everon is somewhat technical, but I don't mean Watchtower technical. Instead, I'm referring to their mix of lush melodies with some musical prowess, which is usually best exposed in their changes. From heavy guitar solos to soft piano interludes, Everon does know how to create a true musical atmosphere. Vocally, I've heard people complain about Oliver Phillip's accent, but I think he does pretty well here. And, lyrically, the themes are different and creative, so there is no complaint there. Actually, this album only suffers, somewhat mildly, from being a bit boring and forced at times, but Bridge was much better that I thought it would turn out to be, in the sense that I never heard the band before.

"If you choose coffee, I'll have tea."

People always ask me, "What other bands do they sound like." Well, it's not my favorite question, so to speak, but I guess I could answer it. Everon, at least on Bridge, has a somewhat laid back Dream Theater style, add to that some Rush I guess, but I think the CD should really speak for itself. Where does this fit on the 2002 list? Well I say it's somewhere in the solid and good section, and it seems to have some staying power, especially certain tracks. I have to say that Oliver Phillips, the main writer and lyricist, is a very professional and mature musician. I really can't wait to hear their second album this fall, Flesh, which I think is a very cool idea by the band (2 CDs in one year). Everon will also be at Progpower Europe, and though I can't make it, I think people will really enjoy their show. So, walk over the bridge and purchase Bridge, you may just be a bit surprised and like it.

"There's a secret down in that river deep, but those who find it don't come back to speak."

Bridge-Theme (1:55) / Across The Land (4:07) / Juliet (5:36) / Travelling Shoes (1:50) / Driven (4:49) / If You Were Still Mine (5:31) / Ten Years Late (4:15) / Not This Time (6:46) / Puppet Show (3:59) / carousel (5:11) / Harbour (5:10) / Bridge (6:28)

Christian "Moschus" Moos - drums and percussion
Ulli Hoever - guitars
Schymy- b ass
Gunther Theys - grunt vocals (3)

Paradoxes (1993)
Flood (1995)
Venus (1997)
Fantasma (2000)
Bridge (2002)
Flesh (2002)
North (2008)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin DE

Added: July 30th 2002
Reviewer: Shawn "Zero Hour" Lakhani

Artist website: www.everon.de
Hits: 969
Language: english


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