Fiaba - Lo Sgabello Del Rospo

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Lizard
Catalog Number: CD 0018
Format: CD
Total Time: 34:32:00

If there is something still left to be said about the gloomy state of the Italian music market, we could easily take for example the third album of Fiaba, a skilled Sicilian band who were forced to wait 6 (!) long years before the release of Lo Sgabello Del Rospo. And who knows how much more they should have waited if the bold Lizard label hadn't accepted this "challenge," after numerous other labels ignored the album tagging it as "un-commercial." Well, dear big and not so big labels, 'scuse me if Fiaba don't posses gorgeous bodies or clean and perfect faces to better promote their music with some cute videos, but in the end they are only talented musicians, humble artists who seem to be out of fashion in the "music world" of the third millennium. But now let's stop bitching and start talking about the songs, about this prog rock that has a lot of references to the great prog acts of the seventies like Banco, even if the overall sound bravely distances itself from the likes of the forefathers, thanks to the theatrical nature of the story narrated here. Furthermore there's the more relevant differences presented by the trashy riffs that underline some of the songs' passages, even if this is sometimes a weakness because certain parts are way too complicated when they try to melt together verses and music. But the majority of the CD is really fascinating, and it will capture you more and more at each listening. A substantial amount of this achievement is ascribed to the vocal prowess of Giuseppe Brancato, but this doesn't mean that the other members of the band are in a lull. In fact, the two guitar players are able to create a lot of sweet and transcendent atmospheres, and the rhythmic section (drummer Rubino is the author of the music) never misses a shot. So enjoy the tale as much as you can, let's only hope that we don't have to wait another 6 years to hear the next chapter!

La Via Per La Citt´ Delle Rane (5:35) / Canto Dei Guardiani Crepuscolari (3:23) / La Festa Alla Pioggia-inno Alle Gocce (2:21) / Al Cospetto Della Regina Dei Funghi (2:39) / Una Cena Da Re Nelle Segrete Di Acquaria (2:47) / La Stanza Dei Profumi (6:33) / La Morte Di Gora, Signora Del Lago (3:08) / Lo Sgabello Del Rospo (8:06)

Giuseppe Brancato - vocals
Bruno Rubino - drums
Massimo Catena - guitar
Giuseppe Capodieci - bass
Carlo Bonfiglio - guitar


Ega - voice of Gebbia
Salvo Fichera - narration

XII L'Appiccato (1994)
Il Cappello A Tre Punte (1996)
Lo Sgabello Del Rospo (2001)
I Racconti Del Giullare Cantore (2005)

Genre: Progressive Folk

Origin IT

Added: February 23rd 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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