Flight 09 - Forbidden Lullabies

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Neurosis Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:29:00

Instrument-craft remains the highlight on Flight 09's second album Forbidden Lullabies, as the trio plays tight, and yet feels casual-loose. As with their first album Rifflections, Vitaly "Progressor" Menshikov has mixed and produced. Their sound retains the blues-rock feel of the debut, guitarist Igor Savitch as vocalist still sounds like Bob Dylan, this time cross with a bit, at least to my ears, of Alice Cooper. (For those who watch Late Night With Conan O'Brien, there are moments where I kept thinking of their spoof-Arnold Schwarzenegger singing... it's the accent, you see).

What fills out the sound of this trio - Constantine Savitch on bass and Art Piyanzin on drums and back vocals round it out - are the keyboards of Savitch, mainly in a supportive role, but it also adds depth to the arrangements. Especially when they are providing a subtle string backing as on "My Wheel." "Look Around" is a mellow, laidback ballad; it features the shimmer of strummed guitar and the soft presence of keys. Mellow it is, and yet also manages to strut like the best of whisky-soaked blues rock. Savitch's vocals roughen just enough to add a bit of a Brian Johnson (AC/DC) kind of rasp to the proceedings. Maybe Baltimoore would be a more apt comparison.

Many of the album's 8 tracks could be described as laid back, as the band get into easy and loose grooves - though a little more rockier than "Lullabies." Savitch's lead guitar has a high, sweet tone with just a touch of distortion. You'll hear clear-toned leads that just back the guitar sections pop ("Shade," for example). And the echoey guitar that begins "In The Darkness" gives Flight 09 a late-period Floydian feel, though the addition of flute effects (or a real, uncredited flute) gives this also a non-Floydian character.

By contrast, "Something's Wrong" is a chunky, dark, smoldering rocker - a point where the Cooper comparison comes to mind most strongly. "Both To Be Alone" begins as a pastoral, but by the time we're a third of the way in, we get something a bit more Floydian (The Wall period) with the heavily distorted and throaty dark guitars.

Forbidden Lullabies is an excellent CD, though Savitch's vocal style may not work for everyone.

You Got My Love (5:44) / Look Around (6:30) / Something's Wrong (5:12) / Both To Be Alone (7:02) / The Absolution (5:52) / Shade (5:45) / In The Darkness (6:08) / My Wheels (5:36)

Igor Savitch - guitars, keyboards, lead and backing vocals
Constantine Savitch - bass
Art Piyanzin - drums and backing vocals

Rifflections (2002)
Forbidden Lullabies (

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UZ

Added: December 22nd 2003
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.progressor.net/flight09
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Language: english


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