Gerard - Sighs Of The Water

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Musea
Catalog Number: FGBG 4439.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:35:00

In a way the music of Gerard is very similar to that of Ars Nova with the main exception that Gerard introduces vocals in it's music which balances the compositions more evenly. It also sounds as if Gerard has more sense for melody as opposed to superfast keyboard solos. A nice example of this is given during the title track in which Toshio Egawa produces both melodic solos on organ as well as speedy synth parts. The uptempo intro for "From The Deep" introduces the vocals of drummer Masuhiro Goto but, although I have the lyrics by my side, I still find it difficult to understand what he is singing about! Luckily this Japanese/English doesn't last long and soon makes way for another great series of keyboard solos. Needless to say, Gerard is heaven for lovers of keyboards and in the case of Toshio Egawa for lovers of Korg instruments. Pity of course he only uses Korg as nothing beats the sound of a "real" Mellotron!

"Pain In The Bubble" sees the band also experiment in the percussive section whilst the distorted bass of Atsushi Hasegawa heavilly dominates this King Crimson / Anekdoten like track. The result is rather ominous and could fit perfectly as a soundtrack. Not only does the use of Korg point towards an adoration for Rick Wakeman but when Jean Nakaji steps in to sing "Keep A Memory Green," it's as if Gerard has tried to find its own Ramon Remedios as well. Once again, however, he delivers poor Japanese/English, whilst I have big questions were the lyrics of Numero Ueno are concerned. All along in this review I am talking about the Musea version of the album which differs from its Japanese counterpart. The main theme "Aqua Dream" has been expanded with a second part for this Musea release only. The first part of "Aqua Dream" is rather classical, containing some elaborate string parts next to some dark sounding passages. The second part "Spring Tide" sounds more contemporary, more full of life, even funky at times before it switches towards the main melody again, this time sounding very solemn.

Sighs Of The Water has become a very pleasant album, and although the emphasis lies on the keyboards, everyone will be able to enjoy this CD, as Gerard has taken a lot of care for all instruments used. Sadly the vocals remain a very weak point whilst there are plenty of singers out there who would be more than pleased to help them out. Still a very diverse and enjoyable CD.

Sighs Of The Water (8:08) (Musea version) / From The Deep (7:22) / Pain In The Bubble (5:53) / Keep A Memory Green (5:10) / Cry For The Moon (4:45) / Aqua Dream Part One: Aqua Dream (6:50) / Aqua Dream Part Two: Spring Tide (8:23) (Exclusive Musea bonus track)

Toshio Egawa - keyboards
Atsushi Hasegawa - bass
Masuhiro Goto - drums, percussion, vocals

Gerard (1984)
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Irony Of Fate (1990)
Save Knight By The Night (1990)
The Pendulum (1996)
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Sighs Of The Water (2002)
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also appearances on:
Keyboard Triangle (2000)
Keyboard Triangle 2/Live (2002)

Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin JP

Added: October 13th 2002
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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