Halford - Crucible

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Sanctuary Records
Catalog Number: 06076-85233-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 00:00:00

When you hear his voice, you will instantly know who it is. You also may remember how he became so famous. While Rob Halford may go down in infamy as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Judas Priest, he has been hard at work leaving a legacy of his own behind as a memorable solo artist. He left his mark with Resurrection, now he is back screaming for vengeance once again with a stellar effort called Crucible.

I always enjoyed his vocals, especially when he toned it down a bit and was not screaming in that falsetto roar that he uses to emphasize the emotion of the lyrics. There is a smooth sureness to his delivery, which is one of the many facets of his voice. All clad in his leather and spikes, looking every bit the badass rocker out to make a point, he brings along his mates to show us how to rock Halford style.

What a great band he has, they rumble and roar their way through each song conjuring up an epic piece of metal with each song. Of course, it would not sound so powerful and convincing without Halford singing to make it come full circle with a loud bang. I noticed on a few tracks, particularly "Sun," that it sounded decidedly progressive rather than the expected resoundingly potent metal. His voice is quite versatile; he is definitely not your run of the mill screamer here-today-gone-tomorrow type. This man has paid his dues, and he did a long time ago. He has earned his rights of passage as a God of rock music. It looks as though he is intent on keeping that title for a few more years. This CD has a solid consistency for this type of music, and I say that knowing that all of it could easily sound the same but it just does not happen that way. I hope that he considers going in a more prog-rock direction some day, he has the perfect set of pipes for that kind of music, but then again why change when you are so successful and you are giving the hungry masses what they crave? Keep rockin' Rob, I will be back for more when the next round of ammunition is ready to launch.

Park Manor (1:11) / Crucible (4:26) / One Will (3:32) / Betrayal (3:04) / Handing Out Bullets (3:16) / Hearts Of Darkness (3:48) / Crystal (4:37) / Heretic (3:49) / Golgotha (4:20) / Wrath Of God (3:11) / Weaving Sorrow (3:28) / Sun (3:48) / Trail Of Tears (5:56) / She (4:01) / Fugitive (4:01)

Rob Halford - vocals
Ed Roth - keyboards
Bobby Jarzombek - drums
Ray Riendeau - bass
Mike Chlasciak - guitar
Patrick Lachman ? guitar

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Genre: Traditional Metal

Origin UK

Added: November 17th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.robhalford.com
Hits: 544
Language: english


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