Isildurs Bane - Mind Vol 2 (Live)

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Record Heaven
Catalog Number: RHCD24
Format: CD
Total Time: 153:24:00

In 1976 Isildurs Bane was formed. They derived their name from "The Ring" in J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy The Lord Of The Rings. This group has been an integral part of Sweden's invaluable contribution to the revival of progressive rock in the 90's, and one that continues with momentum today.

This recent release, which is the second volume of MIND-Live is partially live and remixed with additional studio work to give you an incorporation of musical intelligence and creativity that only multi-talented groups can manage to create, produce, and implement. Although I generalized the genre they are in as prog-rock, it is merely one facet of what this group is about. You will hear orchestras, jazz-rock fusion, contemporary jazz, precise rock guitar, and much more to engage your thirst for the unusual and thought provoking musical experiences that you are seeking. There are two CDs jam packed with some serious improvisation starting on one end of the musical spectrum all they way to the other side?wherever that is. I have found it literally impossible to fully explain in my own words what to call this music. This is an experience that can only be interpreted by your own ears and mind; there is no other way around it.

With the exception of a few bizarre tracks with repetitive mumbo jumbo dialogue that you will probably want to pass on, unless you are severely sedated of course, this is a five star recording that will expand your mind. This group really knows how to push the musical envelope. They will keep you hanging on the edge of certain oblivion then pull you right back in to start your senses reeling all over again. This set of recordings is the ultimate in progressive rock that will boggle your mind and excite your senses; it's an absolute MUST for any progressive rock enthusiast. You must not miss out on this.

Disc One: Extroversion (Phase 1) (1:03) / Opportunistic Medicine (8:00) / Cheval - Volonté De Roche (19:04) / Extroversion (Phase 2) (2:11) / Exit Permit (23:32) / La R?che, Studio Nos 3, 4 & 7 (5:57) / Holy Fools (11:43) / Ataraxia (3:40) / Extroversion (Phase 3) (2:12)

Disc Two: Extroversion (Phase 4) (1:14) / The Flight Onward (9:22) / Celestial Vessel (23:44) / Unity (3:25) / The Pilot (5:22) / Das Junkerhaus (5:22) / Extroversion (Phase ) / The Voyage (16:09) / Exit Visa (6:48) / Extroversion (Phase 6) (4:07)

Klas Assarsson - melodic, classic, latin & electronic percussion
Jonas Christophs - guitar
Fredrik Johansson - bass
Mats Johansson - keyboards, theremin, accordion
Kjel Severinsson - drums, percussion

Sagan Om Ringen (cass) (1981)
Sagan Om Den Irländska Älgen (LP) (1984)
Sea Reflections (LP) (1985)
Eight Moment Of Eternity (LP) (1987)
Sagan Om Ringen (LP) (1988)
Cheval - Volontè De Rocher (1989)
Sagan Om Den Irländska Älgen / Sagan Om Ringen (1992)
Sea Reflections / Eight Moments Of Eternity (1992)
The Voyage (2CD in small cardboard carrying case + booklet) (1992)
The Zorn Trio Plays Matts Johansson (1996)
Mind Vol. 1 (1997)
The Voyage - Remastered (1998)
Lost Eggs (1999)
Mind Vol. 2 Live (2001)
Mind Vol. 3 (with Metamorfosi Trio) (2003)
Mind Volume 4: Pass (2003)
Songs From The Observatory (2005) Colours Not Found In Nature (with Steve Hogarth) (2017)
Off The Radar (2017)

Mind Volume 5: The Observatory (DVD) (2005)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin SE

Added: March 9th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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