Kull, Brett - Orange-ish Blue

Year of Release: 2002
Label: independent
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:18:00

If you are looking the perfect summer song for 2002, may I suggest Brett Kull's "Mr. Greenlight," from Orangish-Blue? With it's catchy chorus and upbeat feel, it seems just right. This album is unlike his regular gig Echolyn, and has a feel akin to the Beatles, mostly Paul McCartney. It's accessible as all get out, and fun as hell to listen to. It not prog, but it certainly is a nice antidote to the "boy band" epidemic. I like the textures that Kull uses on this album, the colours that he paints with. It's a warm, open, friendly album. I couldn't get "Kisses In The Sun," the hooky first track, out of my head for the longest time; it's been supplanted now by "Mister Greenlight."

This album serves, in part, as an homage to all the great artists of the 60's - 70s, as Kull's sound here not only is Beatles-esque, but you will also hear musical elements of Fleetwood Mac ("All The Rage"), Janis Joplin ("So It Goes"), and the Beach Boys (and, though not a 60s/70s band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers) ("When I Dream"), for example. Specifically, I couldn't help but think of "Landslide" whilst listening to "All The Rage" (though the lyrics could easily be from a Nirvana track ... the irony is that they are not delivered with the sharp bile of Cobain) and of "Little Piece Of My Heart" with "So It Goes." 'When I Dream," may begin with Beach Boys-like harmonies, for the most part, Kull sounds like Anthony Kiedis, and the song has the same kind of rhythm and mellowness that the RHCP's "Under The Bridge" has. "Main Street" is an upbeat, mid-tempo roots rocker -- a la John Mellancamp, say. The Knack come to mind with "Come On Joe," but I'm not sure if that's a reference that will come to everyone, as it's not their hit I'm thinking of. I'll admit that I've listened to that band's first three albums a lot. There's a bit of a blues guitar solo in there at the end, something that should have been developed a little further. "Sometimes Love Forgets" is a nice piece that harks back even further than the rock of late 60s-early 70s. The orchestration that fellow Echolyn cohort Chris Buzby gives this track recalls a 40s film feel over which Kull's vocals are added... there is also a cinematic feel to it. Maybe something from a Woody Allen romantic comedy, and saying that a nightime New York street scene comes to mind. It's a rather nice song where you will hear real violins and cello, which tends to be uncommon nowadays. That's not to say Buzby might not have filled out the orchestra on his keyboards. "I Won't Say Goodbye" has a classic feel about it. You feel you should already know it, that it was a radio staple from long ago.

With Buzby on keys, there is a distinctive Echolyn sound to it, as you will think of Cowboy Poems Free at times. At speaking of cowboys, there's a bit of a country & western feel here, too, not just down to the acoustic nature of the album but also because of "Untitled #1," which is a slow burning piece. Twangy guitars, snicking cymbals, and a warm, acoustic feel all add to this country tune. Oh, I suppose at times the Eagles will come to mind, they did for me towards the end, but it's just a little bit more country than the Eagles got. But, saying that, it might have fit perfectly on Desperado. "End" made me think of Billy Joel's "Where's The Orchestra," which ended his 1983 album The Nylon Curtain... though I don't think Kull was thinking at all of that in composing this. It lasts all too briefly, this piano and voice only piece.

There's a nice, though brief, instrumental interlude at the end of "Change"-- grinding bass, shimmering guitar, drums and percussion... that is another instance of one wanting it to go somewhere, become something.

I like Kull's album. It's not perfect... "15 Days" seems to slow the momentum, and it takes a couple of tracks to get going again. But there's a lot to like about it.

Kisses In The Sun (5:02) / Mister Greenlight (3:13) / All The Rage (3:23) / So It Goes (4:07) / When I Dream (3:47) / Main Street (3:19) / 15 Hours (4:03) / Change (5:28) / Come on Joe (1:59) / Sometimes Love Forgets (3:34) / Untitled #1 (4:23) / I Won't Say Goodbye (4:53) / End (1:46)

Brett Kull - guitars, bass, vocals

Guest musicians:

Paul Ramsey - drums, percussion
Chris Buzby - piano, harmonium
Dwayne Klessel - synthesizers
Emily Botel - violin
Janosch Armer - violin
Daniel Montalbano - violin
Jonathan Atkins - cello
Molly Decker - vocals
Jordan Perlson ? percussion

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Stars And Gardens Vol 4 (DVD) (2004)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: July 30th 2002
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
Artist website: www.brettkull.com
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Language: english


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