E Motive - E Motive

Year of Release: 1998
Label: Broken Neesh Records
Catalog Number:
Format: CD
Total Time: 67:56:00

"Absolutely mind-blowing" - that is how you could describe best the debut of the American band E Motive. Their farrago of rock, improvisation, seventies influences, experimental jazz, classical themes and even world music make of E Motive something spectacular. In the vocal passages it's as if you hear snippets of Echolyn, whilst the musical side of their output holds elements from Happy the Man, Van Der Graaf Generator, Djam Karet and, now and then, even National Health.

The purely classical elements are emphasized by the piano of Frank McGlynn, such as the intro for "Schtzorythmia" and "First Movement Symphony #25 In G Minor," originally written by Mozart (Mozart with added drums, jazzy guitar and synths ? should be possible), before he starts rockin' by means of swirling organ sounds in pure Nice vein.

Their music surely is varied what with singer Jay Tausig also adding some great flute playing. "A Gathering Of Days" remains the absolute highlight of this disc because of the simplicity and the strong melody. "In The Wink Of An Eye," which is built out of three separate parts, resembles King Crimson during their Lark Tongues In Aspic period.

If you are constantly looking for something completely new then E Motive is your cup of tea and will surely blow you away. The band itself has created an anagram from their most important influences : yEs, king criMson, mOzart, dream theaTer, mahavIshnu orchestra, miles daVis, Elp. The band says: "We know our own strengths and we notice each others' weaknesses!" They couldn't have been more right !

Waking In Dreams (6:08) / Schtzorythmia (7:15) / Love And Death (5:51) / Improv: Laughing Jones Strokes His Cougar (0:55) / For Me (6:25) / Improv: Big Daddy In The Big House (4:36) / The Ones Two Grieve (6:56) / A Gathering Of Days (4:40) / Improv: When Grandfather Gets Flatulent, We Kick The Dog (2:44) / In The Wink Of An Eye excerpts (6:58): a. Crime And Punishment - b. Locked - c. Full Circle / Reality Is Mine (6:41) / Improv: We Came For The Jam; We Stayed For The Explanation (Gregory's Lament) (3:14) / First Movement Symphony #25 In G Min (5:33)

Jay Tausig - vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, and didgeridoo
Frank McGlynn - keyboards, backing vocals
Erik Feder - drums, percussion, backing vocals
Pags - fretted, frettless six stringed bass
Antonio Mattera - guitar, bass

E-motive (1998)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: January 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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