Lark Echo - In The Texture

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Brimstone Songs
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 53:11:00

Lark Echo is the brainchild of the Finnish multi-instrumentalist Pasi Herkkola. Releasing several works over the past years, both solo (with him as the sole instrumentalist) and with a back-up band, Herkkola has explored many variations of sombre, symphonica rock. With In The Texture, and with Herkkola again playing all the instruments, he has moved the band in the clear direction of Neo-Progressive rock. Past releases had pop influences, but the 53 min new release has a dense, symphonic sound and a versatile array of influences that make it an accessible work for fans both of the heavier prog/metal side of things, and the gentler folk-influenced European bands.

After of couple of soft, classically arranged openers, ?Mind Your Head? stirs up a post-grungey potpourri of riff-laden hooks, suitably augmented by Herkkola's deep, resonant voice. Another two, mellow (but dramatic) tracks follow and Herkkola hits us with another rocker, ?Noble." This is not prog-metal in the paint-by-numbers finger shredding sense, but old-school hard rock - simple, not flashy, but effective.

?Crime? follows with another classically influenced intro and the track displays Herkkola's subtle abilities as an arranger. This is followed by the digitally drenched ?De Hihil? which leads us into a colder, more industrial section of the CD, and one that doesn't appeal to me as much as the rest of the CD. However, there are stand out moments, particularly the chorus on ?Texture." Songs like ?The Darkest Hour? and ?Production Line? will appeal to those who have a hankering for Industrial Metal.

Aside from the closing track, ?The U.S.E. 2019," which clocks in at nearly 9 minutes, and which brings the warmth of the earlier tracks back to the album, none of the other tracks are outstandingly long on the CD. Most fluctuate between the 4 and 5 minute mark. But with 9 or 10 good tracks, and some very complex variations, this is an album that shows the artist maturing to a level not seen on previous releases. It's not flashy and vacuous. Herkkola's musical virtuosity is commendable if not brilliant. The strength lays in the compositions which are subtle and refined. And like wine, the CD should grow in stature with age.

Umwerthung (3:10) / The Prophecy (4:23) / Mind Your Head (5:22) / When The Evening Has Faded (4:38) / Welfare (3:43) / Noble (4:25) / Crime (4:15) / De Nihil (1:52) / Texture (4:42) / The Darkest Hour (3:12) / Production Line (4:52) / The U.S.E 2019 (8:27)

P.J. Herkkola - all instruments

Lark Echo (1994)
Spring (ep) (1996)
In The Texture (2003)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin FI

Added: October 19th 2003
Reviewer: RIPZ
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