Larry - Among Friends

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Lauan Records
Catalog Number: 312
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:47:00

Larry is in the house. Don't you just love the name? It seems like an every day kind of mellow name now doesn't it? Well this "Larry" is the name of a jamband that will entertain you for over seventy minutes on their release Among Friends. I don't think it's an overstatement to say that when you go to any jamband concert that you feel like your amongst friends. That very atmosphere is conveyed delightfully on this live recording. Nobody knows better than a jamband how important a live recording can be to their fans. The sound and mixing is most excellent. I was told that they once were a Widespread Panic cover band by the group's label. After listening to this CD I can see how that apprenticeship helped them to polish their sound and then create their own original tunes mirroring that great band. Lauan Records, the self-professed "The Jamband Label" doesn't fall short in backing up their statement either. This music is a very strong declaration that will surely garner rave reviews in the jamband press circles and the ever growing musical culture nationwide.

You know darn well a group that has someone playing the washboard is going to serve up some down-home grass roots music. And that is exactly what you get from Larry, and without fail. With a vital and invigorating combination of blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass/rockabilly, and smatterings of every other imaginable genre, Larry will satisfy the most devout Dead Heads and Phish addicts. The most important issue that I have realized about jamband music is its ability to crossover to different musical influences without missing a beat along the way. This group has their act together, and they are excellently prepared at every turn and twist of the veritable musical obstacle course that jam music lays out. Jeff Bradberry has an engaging element in his vocal delivery, it's a laid back and stoned kind of style, and he is able to maintain that even when Tom Watts cuts loose on his guitar. The best jams are "Adelita" (11:26), "The Gift" (10:41), and the grand curtain closer "Separate Reality" (12:31). Rick Cannon plays some fiery harmonica, and it's a major factor that is in place on most of their songs. He gives the group a decidedly blues flavor that works very well complimenting the rest of the group and Bradberry's vocals.

I am finding that jamband music is becoming more and more appealing to me because of its similarity in complexity to progressive rock; In fact, I think that they are close cousins relatively speaking when you are comparing and contrasting genres. I enjoyed this CD immensely and I know you will too. Don't forget the name of this band, Larry...It's kind of hard to anyway.

Sticky G (9:49) / Julius (7;43) / Adelita (11:26) / Take Your Chances (6:28) / Plenty (5:41) / On The Road (3:20) / Confusion Pie (5:08) / The Gift (10:41) / Separate Reality (12:31)

Andy Vickers -drums
Bob Perkins - bass
Rick Cannon -harmonica and vocals
Tom Watts -guitar
Jeff Bradberry -lead vocals and washboard

Among Friends (2001)

Genre: Jam Band

Origin US

Added: February 8th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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Language: english


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