Lethean - Lethean

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Mellow Records
Catalog Number: MMP 412
Format: CD
Total Time: 37:16:00

The record company describes this all instrumental Italian band as "Anekdoten with a violin but without their dark influences." Just at a time when Anekdoten switches towards another mainframe, these guys come up with music from Anekdoten's back garden? After listening to this album I don't think they come anywhere near the Anekdoten sound, whether their current sound or their more vintage early years. Personally I don't like saxophone too much because it tends to steer the music immediately towards a heavy jazz feel. The opening track therefore is totally different than the more melodic, symphonic second track "Alchimista". The classical violin here soon gives way to a more "funky" approach also including an electric wah-wah guitar. The song evolves towards pure hypnotic rock based on loud guitars. As happens so much with new bands they tend to deliver such a wide scope of music losing originality along the way. With "Marmo Di Luna" the band concentrates on the pure acoustic nature of the music ending in authentic folk.

Throughout this debut guitars will be the focal point helped out by guests on violin, flute and sax to make the music more interesting. The actual band is based around two guitarists who complement each other's style but sometimes I miss the sound of keyboards to make the sound much fuller. "Lethe" contains some nice moments but as a whole it really has no structure moving from one style into another without meaning. With "Pensieri Di Paglia" the band even introduces some space rock movements which again is highlighted by the use of wah-wah. Again a completely different atmosphere with the dramatic "Autumno" which once again is based on acoustic guitar accompanied by violin.

First of all this is a very short album and secondly after listening to their own compositions I still don't know what Lethean music stands for. Every song is very different from each other, and I can't see the direction this band is taking. Also forget the name Anekdoten, as there's no way you can compare the music. Anekdoten is lightyears ahead of these guys who urgently need to discuss what they want to obtain in the music industry.

Subinconscio Telefonico (4:17) / Alchimista (8:09) / Marmo Di Luna (4:38) / Lethe (7:19) / Pensieri Di Paglia (8:47) / Autumno (4:02)

Antonio Pincione - guitar
Riccardo Canini - guitar
Andrea Vatteroni - bass
Davide Gianola - drums


Martino Salvetti - violin
Jacopo Bisagni - flute
Alberto Benicchi - sax

Lethean (2001)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin IT

Added: September 22nd 2003
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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