Eternity X - The Edge

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Angular Records
Catalog Number: SKAN 8201.AR
Format: CD
Total Time: 74:00:00

Yeah, LarryD's reviewed it, Jeff Keifling's reviewed it, and now I'm going to review it. Here's why: This is a damn good album. Scratch that - this is a magnificent album! I don't heap fine praise lightly, but this blew me away, giving Angra some strong competition in my "favourite band" sweepstakes. If the rest of their catalogue is this good ? look out! Released in 1997, I'm gettin' on the Eternity X bandwagon a bit late.

Listening to The Edge, the first things that I'm struck by are its stylistic similarity to Queensryche (and countless others influenced by the same) and how fans of bands like Arena, especially in the wake of The Visitor, could latch on to this, despite it's prog metal tag. Vocalist Keith Sudano has a very good voice, closer to the richness of Geoff Tate. There is such emotion in his voice, a depth of feeling that rises this above a great deal of music being released nowadays - regardless of genre.

Fans of more AOR styled rock (a la classic Journey, say) would like this, too, as there are harmonies right out of the Kansas book of composition. Some great piano runs here ("The Edge?(Introduction)" for example) with a rich and full grand sound - Jamie Mazur plays with the light and lyrical touch more commonly found in contemporary instrumental music - more Wakeman than Emerson.

I was quite impressed upon my first hearing of this - so distracted by it I was that I had to stop what I was doing (editing reviews) and just listen. There are so many dynamic passages here, great playing, and a heightened sense of drama that are all quite appropriate to a concept album, of course. Now, there are spiritual themes explored here - the trend it seemed for the latter half of 1997/first part of 1998. In "The Confession," to take but one example, it is a rail against the hypocrisy and arrogance of organized religion.

This is terrific stuff, played by masterful musicians. The only minus for me (and it is a very, very, very small minus, is the overly high-pitched chorus during "The Edge II: The Looking Glass." And by chorus you can include the classical sense of the word - as in classical Greek theater. (Yes, that is where the word derives) [Must you be pedantic? -ed].

This is really great stuff folks; I'm overawed. Put this at the top of your purchase list.

The Edge...(Introduction) (6:10) / Fly Away (8:03) / The Confession (6:19) / The Edge Part 2 (6:23) / A Day in Verse (7:58) / Imaginarium (10:11) / The Edge Part 3 (5:01) / The Edge of Madness (7:13) / Rejection (3:24) / Baptized By Fire (7:28) / The Edge...Legacy/Reprise (5:03)

Jeff Shernov - guitars, backing vocals
Robert 'Zeek' Maziekien - bass, backing vocals
Keith Sudano - lead and backing vocals
Jimmy Peruta - drums and percussion
Jaime Mazur - keyboards

Once Upon A Dream comp, comprising:
???The Never Ending Dream (EP) (1991) and
???After The Silence (EP) (1993)
Zodiac (1994)
Mind Games (1995)
The Edge (1997)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin US

Added: January 1st 2000
Reviewer: Stephanie Sollow
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Language: english


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