Living Daylights Orchestra, The Miracle Orchestra, Ray's Music Exchange - 3 Sets v. 3

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Lauan Records
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:11:00

Three bands, one label, and one common goal are what this CD is all about. The presentation of these three special jamband groups to a wider audience through independent music networks, live music, and fans, is a successful and proven formula that it is equitable and fair to all involved. This is the spirit and driving force of the bands and their music. 3 Sets v. 3 is the third volume of the assorted sets that have been offered by Lauan Records in recent years.

Once again, presenting the groups live is the best way to introduce the jamband sound. It is what the genre was founded upon, spontaneous live and exploratory music. And you will get more than your share on this CD. It seems with the passing of Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead there has been a changing of the guard. It's been encouraging and exciting to see it all develop before our eyes and ears. This is just one slice of the pie.

Living Daylights Orchestra (with The Flava Crystals) - Start off the show with their funky trio making their way through various forms of jazz mood swings with improvisation being the order of the day. Saxophone, flute, bass, and drums are all that is needed for this novel and multihued trio. Their sound is deceiving, they sound like a band much larger. It's kind of like a small fish in a big pond sound. Light, airy, funky, and hypnotic is the best way to describe them. I was certainly hypnotized, I thought I was listening to the same song going through several changes and by the time I looked down to see what track was playing it was on three! I could have sworn I heard some lead guitar in there somewhere. These cats are really good.

The Miracle Orchestra- Makes music that flutters about with chirping electronics and jazzy world inflected beats with more inventiveness then you can shake a stick at. When you are molding and shaping that many genres in one boiling cauldron, the name of the game is diversity no matter which way you turn musically. This orchestra knows about the miracles that lie within the music. Every time they play a song it's a brilliant vision.

Ray's Music Exchange - Is the most out of the ordinary group of the three. This is freaky whacked out fun. If your personality fits that description (mine does) you will love this band. There are so many musical ideas running side by side, it's a wonder they get through a song sounding so tight and organized. If you like a dash of this and bit of that, this is just your recipe made to order. That's what jamband music is all about. This band has got it going on. The names of the songs are enough to make you wonder, "Meathead Dance Party"? It sounds like Archie Bunker under the influence of hallucinogenic substances. Well, you make the call for yourself. This is great spacey tripped out hippie rock.

This entire CD offers a great grab bag of rockin' tripped out twirlin' fun that deserves more than one spin on your stereo system, in your car, or wherever you happen to hang your hat. Try it, you'll like it.

The only one of the three that still seem to be active is Ray's Music Exchange (; their discography is listed below. Although, like RME, The Miracle Orchestra have a MySpace page (

Living Daylights: Small (5:17) / Medium (11:38) / Large (8:57) // Miracle Orchestra: The Secret Life Of John Valdez (10:34) / Stonehenge (11:29) // Ray's Music Exchange: Horse Load (8:43) / Meathead Dance Party (6:47) / Thumbs (8:46)

Living Daylights:
Jessica Lurie -saxophones and flute
Arne Livingston - bass
Dale Fanning - drums

Miracle Orchestra:
Jared Sims - saxes and electronics
Geoff Scott - guitar
Garrett Sayers - bass
Bill Carbone - drums and percussion

Ray's Music Exchange:
Jason Smart - drums and percussion
Brad Myers - guitar
Jon McLean - guitar
Michael Mavridoglou - percussion

Alivexchange (1999)
Turanga (2001)
Ray's Reels Vol. 1 (2002)
Ray's Reels Vol. 2 (2003)
Blue In The Face (2004)

Genre: Jam Band

Origin US

Added: February 8th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck

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