Lonely Boys, Los - Los Lonely Boys

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Or
Catalog Number: 80305
Format: CD
Total Time: 60:49:00

Keith reviewed this and their EP Real Emotions in the same review; they're listed in the database separately -ed.

There are three brothers from Texas in a rock band called Los Lonely Boys. They sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Los Lobos and Carlos Santana combined. What an amalgamation of sounds it is, they smoke! Henry (guitar, vocals), Ringo (you guessed it, drums) and Jo Jo (bass) are the sibling trio. They tear it up on their two new releases, the self-titled Los Lonely Boys and the EP Real Emotions.

This is a power trio that reminds me of a guy named Clapton that got together with two other dudes many years ago ... ever hear of Cream? There is a big difference between the two bands, particularly the Latino spice added in every song. I used Cream as a reference because I think that they could easily be as fruitful if they keep going in the right direction with their music. It is high praise indeed for these youngsters but they back it all up with powerful red-hot guitar licks, bass playing that is like lead guitar playing and drums that never let up for one second. It is no wonder this is Willie Nelson's favorite band, they are an absolute joy to hear. They all sing, play, and perform as if it was their last day on earth. You will think you died and went to heaven when you hear them.

A marvelous combination of rock, blues, tex-mex and roots gather together to make up the huge range of influences you hear on these CDs. Their rich heritage and knowledge of their music and early rock 'n' roll enables the brothers to unite to form a melting pot of music unrivaled in recorded music today. If they are singing in their native tongue or English, it does not seem to matter because the impact is the same, tremendous. ?Heaven? is a beautiful song, you are able to feel the emotion and meaning because of the way they play it and sing it. That type of feeling is commonplace on these two recordings. ?Onda? is an awesome Santana-like rocker, although it runs for nearly nine minutes it does not seem to be enough, you just want more.

This is all about real emotions and the people that play the music. The boys make sure you understand where they are coming from in every song. No doubt about it, it is the real deal. Speaking of ?Real Emotions,? now there is a radio ready smash hit if I ever heard one, wow! It has an irresistible rhythm and beat that will have you dancing all day. It is unforgettable.

When you hear and see ?Cottonfields and Crossroads (Live At Antones)? (EP) you will not believe how good this band is, and you will be shocked at the fact that you may have never heard of them before and the bonus video (CD) of the same song is even more eye popping.

I got news, this is the Los Lonely Boys coming out party, and Texas' best-kept secret is out! This band is ready for a major breakthrough and this music will most certainly push them right to where they want to go. How can you miss with people like Willie Nelson and Reese Wynans behind you? It does not hurt to have that kind of support but their music would stand on its own two feet without any help. This great band will catch the ear of people all over the world very soon.

Los Lonely Boys was reissued in 2004 by Sony/Epic (92088/Spec Ed. 93549)

Señorita (4:09) / Heaven (3:46) / Crazy Dream (4:48) / Dime Mi Amor (3:27) / Hollywood (4:14) / More Than Love (3:20) / Nobody Else (4:42) / Onda (8:55) / Real Emotions (4:04) / Tell Me Why (3:24) / Velvet Sky (4:40) / La Contestaci?n (3:15)

Bonus Video: Cottonfields and Crossroads (Live at Antones) (10:05)

Henry Garza - guitar, vocals
Ringo Garza - drums, vocals
Jo Jo Garza - bass, vocals
Willie Nelson - acoustic guitar
John Porter - acoustic guitar
Reese Wynans - organ, piano
Diego Simmons - percussion

Real Emotion (ep) (2003)
Los Lonely Boys (2003/2004)
Live At The Fillmore (2005)
Live At Blue Cat Blues (2006)
Sacred (2006)
Forgiven (2008)

Texican Style: Live From Austin (DVD) (2004)
Cottonfields And Crossroads (DVD) (2005)
Live At The Fillmore (DVD) (2005)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: August 24th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website: www.loslonelyboys.org
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Language: english


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