Melodrome - Play America

Year of Release: 2003
Label: Soul Tube Records
Catalog Number: 558227
Format: CD
Total Time: 26:24:00

Meldrome is located in Berkshire County, the place I call home. Their new EP Play America is an interesting and provocative blend of music and lyrics. I sincerely appreciated their music but I had mixed feelings about their message. Their position is one that is at times cynical, yet ballsy enough to get right to the point. They take a stance that is against war and it looks as though the political structure that makes warfare happen, too. I do not necessarily appreciate their view on this subject, but I did hear them loud and clear and respect their need to speak what is on their minds. I am a veteran, and I back our troops 100% wherever they land, although it does bother me tremendously when people we send in harms way lose their lives. I think these men appreciate being an American, they just do not value the way we deal with other countries and that is something that many folks take issue with these days. Well, enough of that, what is important here is the music they make.

Their sound is a rock-alternative assortment that is rich and varied in texture with a lot of professional polish. The strong command of their craft that they possess is rooted in their belief system and apparent in every track they perform. Most independent bands that have reached a worldwide audience are the ones that command this kind of attention; not these guys, they are relatively new to recording their own music so they are the exception to the rule.

Many audiences will appreciate this music, particularly the college population in both sound and content. There is a bonus video included as well featuring a song titled ?Sex, Cash And Fuel,? which is the flipside to the emotions they express throughout the album. They sing about how great it is to live in the U.S., if you happen to have those three things at your disposal; it is the reality of who we are, like it or not it. That track makes the connection to another interesting song ?Cog In The Machine,? actually all the tracks fit together nicely if you listen to all the words. ?Sex, Cash And Fuel? was easily my favorite track, I could not stop listening to it and it just kept growing on me, as I am sure every other song will as well the more I listen to this. I really look forward to hearing their next outing and I hope it is a full-length album. I see a bright future ahead for this band if they stick to it and keep pumping out the great music and promoting themselves.

Buddah, Pizza, Jesus (4:31) / Cog In The Machine (3:41) / Water Like Love (4:55) / Play America (4:04) / Someone (4:08) / America Is Dreaming (4:45) / Video - Sex, Cash And Fuel

Robby Baier - vocals, guitars
Jesko Stahl - bass
Matt Sloan - drums, backing vocals
Darren Todd - guitars

Sidewalk Ends (2002)
Play America (ep) (2003)
Happens While You Blink (2005)
Into The Flood (or So Sticky) (expected 2009)

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: October 19th 2003
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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