Morning Dew - Morning Dew

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Akarma Records
Catalog Number: AK-195
Format: LP
Total Time: 36:39:00

This reproduction on 180-gram virgin vinyl of Morning Dew's 1967 self-titled LP has a distinct sound; it was the beginning of the psychedelic phase of rock music. And that is firmly in place on the record. According to the back cover of the LP it was released in 1971 on Big Seven Music. That may be the copy that Akarma Records got for reproduction, but upon further research I found that it was originally released on the Roulette label in 1967 [Cat no SR42049, but I've seen also 1970 as a release date - ed.].

There are moments of a heavier metal sound, but very few. The peace, flowers, and summer of love influence abounds throughout most of this record. Check out the cover, this couple looks as though like they are frolicking in the fields of Woodstock.

It's all very good rock music; in fact, this is a solid LP without one throw-away on the entire recording. The musical style remains consistent throughout with the exception of one surprise, the closing track "Epic: The Mann/Death Is A Dream," which starts off with a Spanish flamenco guitar and then launches into one of their rockers, it's a step away from the norm and a nice change showing how the band was talented enough to go into an entirely different direction. For the most part the folk, rock, and psychedelic sounds are what dominate this record, and a nice balance is managed with male and female vocals taking turns. It's a great album and well worth the purchase.

Morning Dew was: Mal Robinson, Blair Honeyman, Don Sligar, and Don Anderson. Note: on the song "Save Me" Kerry Livgren (Kansas) is given co-writer credits.

It appears that a CD of early, previously unreleased (mostly) tracks exists called No More (1966-69) available, as of this update at ? ? Ok? after 7 plus years, I have to just add this editorial comment - I can't help but chuckle at the album cover (I'm sure you can't help it either) ? I was doing it when I first posted Keith's review and now as I add it to the database. It is sooo very much an image of the 70s? the setting, the hair,? the implied freedom in their being buck naked? .ed. 9/8/09]

Side One: Outside: Crusader's Smile (3:42) / Upon Leaving (2:12) / Young Man (2:32) / Then Came The Light (4:15) / Cherry Street (4:09)

Side Two: Inside: Gypsy (5:48) / Something You Say (4:29) / Country Boy Blue (2:39) / Save Me (3:40) / Epic: The Mann / Death Is A Dream (4:33)

Mal Robinson - guitar
Blair Honeyman - bass, vocals
Don Sligar - drums
Don Anderson - organ, keyboards

Morning Dew (1967/1971/2001)
No More (1966-69) (?)

Genre: Psychedelic-Space Rock

Origin US

Added: June 26th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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