Jeremy - Pilgrim's Journey

Year of Release: 1995
Label: Kinesis
Catalog Number: KDCD 1015
Format: CD
Total Time: 73:00:00

The lightest music I ever heard. Jeremy's Pilgrim's Journey an all-instrumental concept album dedicated to man's travel through the earthly life and beyond.

"Always Will Return" The opening track introduces listeners to a world of musical thoughts. [This m]ostly keyboard based, almost 7 minute long track, contains several varied, very colourful themes. You can feel the lightness of music on the physical level, though this is astral music, dedicated to a virtual yet real journey. Colour of light: pale-blue.

"Rivers Of Life" Light turned from pale-blue to absolutely blue. Opened by extra arrangements of classical guitar, music later becomes mostly electrified. Lush keyboards add more and more of blue-coloured shades into this journey.

"Deep Sleep" The same colour. Lots of gentle acoustic guitars and keyboards. One of the most varied and epic compositions on the album. Many very original guitar and keyboard solos and interplays between both these instruments.

"Overflowing" Keyboard waves and witty fluid electric guitar solos. Searching for the truth. Constructive dialogue between two opposing feelings.

"Final Warning" In the beginning light turns from blue to yellow to red. Anxiety and running over the hills of misunderstanding in search of God. Varied keyboards effects manage to show the Pilgrim's mood. Life and Death, Love and Hate dance together to the quiet drums of current events.

"Peter's Song" Light turns a little back to orange. Eternal questions, eternal silence. Waiting for God's sign. Quiet, light sorrow.

"Timeless" Light turns back to blue. Beautiful acoustic guitar passages. Love and Forgiveness. Quiet in understanding. Amazing stuff of thinking.

"Valley of Vision" Complete awakening so far from the frozen lands of misunderstanding, and rage, and grief. There's no place to demonic feelings in this music. Only philosophy and a wish to move forward. Positive energies (synthesizers).

"Second Return" Light turns to pale-blue. The point to give a look back at life. A short stop before going forward to Eternity to see its golden wings.

"Aliens" Pilgrim's understanding, that his material life is still incomplete beyond the earth life. A blend of blue, red and violet. Perturbation. Searching for new ways to understanding.

"Pilgrim's Journey." I think, originally this was just his regular journey between the walls of material and spiritual worlds. The most epic and complex composition. Reincarnation, returning to the whirlpool of earthly events. Looking for a choice again. Lots of varied moods. Trembling souls (acoustic guitar), dramatic passions (electric guitar), the surrounding world (keyboards), parallel worlds (bass and drums). There's no end, there's no beginning to the Pilgrim's Journey...

Summary. Musically can be compared to Mike Oldfield / Steve Hackett (in the '90s), though in this work Jeremy has tried to show our basic human feelings, preserving his own Love, Forgiveness and Understanding. Different thinking in Prog. Especially recommended to those, who are tired of their internal anxiety, of their own misunderstanding. Point of destination for those, who love mature thoughts in the background of quiet and light, on the whole, music.

Always Will Return / Rivers Of Life / Deep Sleep / Overflowing / Final Warning / Peter's Song / Timeless / New Song / Valley of Vision / Second Return / Aliens / Pilgrim's Journey

Jeremy Morris - electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, keyboards, drums & percussion
Dave Dietrich - drums (1)

Pilgrim's Journey (1995)
Celestial City (1997)
Salt Of Earth (1999)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: November 24th 1999
Reviewer: Vitaly Menshikov

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