Mosher, Scott - Virtuality

Year of Release: 2001
Label: The Ambient Mind
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:16:00

Scott Mosher is a new world artist. He is a multi-faceted talent that not only creates visionary musical journeys; he is a graphic artist, website designer, multi-talented musician, and above all...a soul on earth with a purpose. He goes far beyond his music in his music. He has a vision, a voice to be heard and strong opinions and beliefs that are projected through his potent musical translations.

You will discover Mosher's picturesque worlds through the graphics, words, and commentary in the CD booklet of Virtuality. All of those aspects of his work are pushed through a portal in time created in each song of ambient progressive guitar oriented music. Most of the music is instrumental. When vocals are used they are appropriately placed between the notes to emphasize the meaning of the story. His guest bass player Todd "Shreedy Gee" Corsa serves up vocals that all Rush fans will recognize. Notice the play on words for his nickname, Geddy Lee is the obvious intimation here. He effectively uses layers of atmospheric keyboards, perfectly placed sequencing of percussion, and rousing guitar parts to blast you off in your own personal starship to a musical void just waiting for you to inhabit.

His website is a tribute to all of his talents, so make sure you check it out. I expect a lot more from Mosher's corner of the world in the years to come. There aren't that many people out there with a multitude of talents that have the ability to harness and control it all properly to make a convincing presentation like this. This CD is just the tip of the iceberg for this man. I really enjoyed every moment that this music had to offer. To fully experience this you must put on the CD, read the liner notes, look at the images, and browse his website. Scott Mosher is the epitome of the new world man (thanks again, Rush), he is a 21st century Leonardo Da Vinci just waiting to be discovered. This CD is a fine place to start the trip that I am sure you will all love to go on.

Upon The Frontiers Of Infinite Night (2:23) / Virtuality (6:17) / The Human: Machine (7:00) / A Season Of Fire: 1. The Crimson Strain - 2. Redstorm Rising (7:12) / Attillon Sunrise (4:42) / Re-Define (6:29) / The Dreaming Eye: 1. Architects Of The Divine - 2. The Heart Of Mind (7:28) / Sometime After Midnight (6:16) / The Promise Of Truth (6:39) / Shores Of A Cosmic Ocean (4:27) / Infinity Burns (3:06) / Sorrow In A World Of Darkness: 1. Solitude - 2. The Tempest - 3. The Heart Of Darkness - 4. Introspection (10:11)

Scott Mosher - programming, sequencing, 6 & 7 string guitars, voices and percussion
Todd Corsa - vocals; guitar (7:1)
Micky James - bass (9)

Ambient Earth (1995)
Horsemeat (cass) (1995)
Virtuality (2001)
Inferno (2004)
Deep Horizon (2006)
Oceans Of Night - The Shadowheart Mirror (2009)

plus, appearances on:

Eye Of The Storm - Eye Of The Storm
F5's - Dawn Of A New Age (2000)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: April 7th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
Artist website:
Hits: 484
Language: english


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