Mostly Autumn - Heroes Never Die - The Anthology

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Classic Rock Productions
Catalog Number: CRP 0899
Format: CD
Total Time: 67:33:00

The more I hear progressive rock music the more I realize just how much I have to learn. Progressive rock is comparable to jazz in complexity at times, and it takes many years of study to fully understand. Although I did delve into some of the groups like Jethro Tull when I began my lifelong love of music back in the 60s, I had no clue that what I was listening to was rock music influenced by classical music, I was just a kid. That is what's so exciting for me as a listener, discovering new and wonderfully exciting prog-rock on a regular basis.

Mostly Autumn is one fantastic band that I wish I knew about a long time ago. Heroes Never Die -The Anthology is a group of songs that have been re-recorded for optimum listening pleasure. The group felt that it was more important to have a second chance at some of their songs to make them better rather than just release all of them again as is for a best of package. I couldn't have started at a better place for a first time listener. I have listened to this CD four times now, and I still want to hear it again and again. I recognize this state of mind; it's that obsessive can't-get-enough-of-feeling that you get when you hear music that you fall in love with. You can a have an immense pile of great CDs sitting right in front of you, but they become nonexistent when you become captivated with one particular CD, it happens to me a lot.

This British group has put a big bang back into prog-rock no doubt. With a vast pool of talent to draw from, they very wittily use each and every member's strengths to form an incomparable One that won't bend or break. With three extraordinary vocalists in Byran Losh, Heather Findlay, and Angela Goldthrope, plus the standout musicianship to go along with it, this group really packs a powerful punch. Their sound sneaks up on you in just about every song. They paint a beautiful aural picture then suddenly break out of it in dramatic fashion with rocking guitars, organ, and a steadfast rhythm section that never misses a beat. This is all done expertly, just like any great prog-rock band would develop a song and all the transitions that the style of music is known for. Technically they are right on top of things as well, layering and separating all the instruments perfectly to blend the music for seamless shifts from hard to soft sounds at a moments notice. Whether it's theatrical moving or visually engaging, the listener will feel all the perplexing melodies and rocking guitar lines every step of the way.

Groups like this define what progressive rock is all about. My favs are "The Riders of Rohan" and "Noise From My Head," which are filled with contagious hooks that suck you right in instantaneously. Every song is quite simply, dazzling. This one is a must have for you collection.

Never The Rainbow (4:32) / We Come And We Go (4:41) / Please (5:05) / The Spirit Of Autumn Past (4:34) / Evergreen (7:57) / The Riders Of Rohan (3:33) / The Great Blue Pearl (3:57) / Noise From My Head (3:05) / Half The Mountain (5:16) / Shrinking Violet (8:46) / Goodbye Alone (6:53) / Heroes Never Die (11:14)

Byran Josh - lead vocals, lead guitars
Heather Findlay - lead and backing vocals
Iain Jennings -jeyboards, Hammond organ, piano, synthesizers, backing vocals
Angela Goldthrope - flute, recorders, backing vocals
Andy Smith - bass guitars
Jonathan Blackmore - drums

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Live 2009 - Part I (2009)
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That Night In Leamington (2011)
Still Beautiful - Live 2011 (2011)
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The Ghost Moon Orchestra (2012)

The Story So Far... (DVD) (2002)
The Next Chapter (DVD) (2003)
At The Grand Opera House (DVD) (2003)
The V Shows (DVD) (2004)
Pink Floyd Revisited (DVD) (2005)
The Fiddler's Shindig (DVD) (2005)
Passengers (DVD) (2006)
That Night In Leamington (DVD) (2010)
Live At The Boerderij (DVD) (2013)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: July 16th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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