Mountain Mirrors - Voices

Year of Release: 2002
Catalog Number: 206531
Format: CD
Total Time: 15:39:00

Mountain Mirrors is the name used by Jeff Sanders for his one-man psychedelic/space rock project. Voices is a four song EP and is the second release from Mountain Mirrors.

The music found on Voices is heavily reminiscent of late 60s psychedelic music, so much so that I found myself experiencing a sense of déjà vu, remembering the music I had heard as a pre-teen growing up in Michigan. Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Ravi Shankar, The Doors, Pink Floyd, and numerous other names from that era sprung to mind as I sat and digested Voices. That said, Pink Floyd probably makes the most sense (to me) because the one word that best describes this cd is "space," of which there is plenty to be found.

Almost ambient in structure, the songs are sparsely arranged and played at a relaxed meter. Each is based primarily on drums, tabla, and bass guitar, and features an unmistakable "Eastern" influence. Effects-laden guitars and dreamy, sometimes spooky vocals drift in and out of the mix, occasionally startling by their sudden appearance and retreat, similar in effect to the liquid landscapes of flashing colors used by 60s acts as backgrounds for their shows.

I do have one problem with Voices, though, and that is the production. The instruments, especially the bass, are barely audible in some spots. To some this may serve to reinforce the spacey quality of the songs, but I just hear too much emptiness; a bit more volume at the recording console would have added some sorely-needed depth to the proceedings.

So, while Mountain Mirrors' music really isn't something I would listen to (even if I were still indulging in chemical recreation), I can't deny that an audience exists out there for it. So, if you really dig 60's style psychedelia and space rock, Voices by Mountain Mirrors may fit nicely in to your music collection.

Field Of Grass (3:59) / Voices (3:50) / Eclectic Caravan (5:01) / Wash Me Away (3:29)

Jeff Sanders - guitars, basses, drums, percussion, vocals
Vine Sweetland - tambura (2)

Improvisations From The Void (2002)
Voices (ep) (2002)
Lunar Ecstasy (2004)
Mountain Mirrors (2006)
Dreadnought (2008)
The Immortal Deadbeats EP (2009)

Genre: Psychedelic-Space Rock

Origin US

Added: December 2nd 2002
Reviewer: David Cisco
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Language: english


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