Nebbia, Litto - El Vendedor De Promesas

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Viajero Inmovil
Catalog Number: MEL0004VIR
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:34:00

Recorded in only 90 hours way back in March 1977 on 8 tracks in a studio in Buenos Aires, this nice work finally sees the light of day on CD thanks to the superb work of the Viajero Immovil label. In respect to its vinyl release in 1977, both "sides" can be found on this CD being labelled "Lado A" and "Lado B." Twenty five years after its initial release, of course the duration of a CD enables the record company to add extra material which comes in the form of three bonus tracks.

Although much more symphonic as an end result and dated where the choice of instruments is concerned, you can see Litto Nebbia as the Mike Oldfield of Argentina, taking care of all keyboards, guitars and vocals. As happens lots of times with South-American, releases the bossa nova sneaks in ("El Vendedor De Promesas I," "El Hombre Del Adagio") together with an elaborate choice of percussion. It's like their trademark, their wish to export their roots to a wider audience. I hear snippets of Cai, of Iman Califato Independiente, of Asfalto -- strangely enough, all Spanish bands. The Fender Rhodes together with the jazz guitar in "El Hombre Del Adagio" underlines the laid-back attitude which is then spiced up by unexpected synth runs. The whistling during "Final Instrumental" gets close to the feel of vintage Focus.

With the piano for "Preludio," Litto Nebbia gets in the atmosphere of Keith Emerson around ELP's Tarkus period. Throughout the album some of the musical ideas also remind me of Greenslade. The lengthy "Suenos De Ofelia" contains some wonderful acoustic guitar that blends perfectly with the Fender Rhodes. The bonus tracks sound poorly recorded and uninspired, which is probably why they were never issued before. To be honest the album would've sounded much better as a whole if these tracks would not have been included.

El Vendedor De Promesas is an enjoyable album that of course sounds a little dated due to the use of Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet and ARP string ensemble, but which contains plenty of nice passages to please most fans of lush symphonic material. I do find it sad however that the original artwork wasn't used as well as the bonus tracks being added. In my opinion, if an album is re-issued on CD for the first time, it should be exactly like its original vinyl counterpart, except maybe for the fact that this "new" edition has to be cleaned up from a musical point of view. So if one day it would be necessary to consider an extra pressing, please leave the bonus tracks behind and use the original artwork.

Obertura / El Vendedor De Promesas I / El Hombre Del Adagio / Final Instrumental / Preludio / Suenos De Ofelia / El Vendedor De Promesas II / Final / Bonus Tracks : Ellos, Los Mares / Manias De Graciela / Limpia Silueta

Litto Nebbia - keyboards, guitars, vocals, backing vocals
Nestor Astarita - drums, percussion
Jorge Gonzalez - bass

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La Melancolía Vital (2003) (With Lito Vitale)

Genre: Electronic

Origin AR

Added: October 5th 2003
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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