Achard's Morbid Feeling, Cyril - ...In Inconstancia Constans

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Lion Music
Catalog Number: LMC2105 2
Format: CD
Total Time: 51:23:00

Morbid Feeling consists of the classic progressive metal 5 piece configuration lead by the guitar brain Cyril Achard who is putting his talents to good use as teacher in the famous French Music school of Bordeaux. Further talents appear in the form of Eric Labailly on drums, Frank Hermanny on bass, and Patrick Peek on vocals. Jean-Marc Layani plays keyboards whilst guitar hero Tony MacAlpine displayed his equally good piano skills by contributing keyboard solos on three of the eight songs.

When listening to the music alone it becomes very apparent that this could have become one of the (too) many instrumental prog metal releases but ...In Inconstancia Constans has vocals on seven of the eight tracks and this is what lifts Morbid Feeling above most of the current releases in the genre. Morbid Feeling grabs the listener's attention with odd time signatures, lots of breaks and theme changes in each and every song. Cyril controls this highly technical cabaret with melody swamped choruses and bridges that turn partial segments of the songs into real earworms. If not for the music alone, it is the quality of play that has me coming back to this release again and again.

So, "what is it like?" you may ask. Well, I find it very hard to get around the Dream Theater comparison but fans of Magna Carta artists like Dali's Dilemma or Ice Age should be equally impressed. In the dire need to throw up some dirt on Morbid Feeling, I think Cyril could have employed someone to help with the production, since the still very good self-produced sound does not match the quality of play. The same goes for the artwork and layout of the disc which could have been more elaborate and the booklet thicker than just 4 pages.

Cyril Achard is only 20 years of age and has a long and promising career ahead of him so go and buy Modbid Feeling to get him on his way.

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Alone Among My Friends (5:48) / Fallen From Grace (5:44) / Empty Vow (6:39) / Fields Of Graves (6:18) / Exile Is Over (8:20) / The Deep One's (4:28) / Be My Thing (6:43) / The Lucky One (7:43)

Cyril Achard - guitar
Patrick Peek - vocals
Eric Lebailly - drums
Franck Hermanny - bass
Jean-Marc Layani - keys


Tony MacAlpine - keyboards (3, 4, 7)

Confusion (1997/2003*)
...In Inconstancia Constans (2001)
Cyril Achard Quintet - Essensuel (2003)
Cyril Achard Trio - Trace (CD/DVD) (2007)
Violencia (2010)
*remastered w/bonus tracks

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Origin FR

Added: November 1st 2002
Reviewer: Peter Fundeis
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Language: english


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