Nelson, Paul - Look

Year of Release: 2001
Label: BigWaveBuz Records
Catalog Number: BW0079
Format: CD
Total Time: 22:16:00

Paul Nelson is a name I have come across several times. An accomplished shredder, alumnus of prog-mecca Berklee College and former student of guitar deity Steve Vai, he has a wide and varied discography to his name which includes several band albums (Liege Lord), as well as appearances on compilations, tributes, and the Wacken 2000 DVD. I first experienced Nelson's work in the form of tributes - he appears on Lion Music's Warmth In The Wilderness tributes to Jason Becker and the Uli Jon Roth tribute (on which he rips out a casually expeditious rendition of Roth's "Paganini Paraphrase"). He has also created a solo EP titled LOOK, a short five-track instrumental which I jumped at the chance to review.

On first examination, this is very Satriani. It immediately brought to mind several other albums I have here which follow the Satch style, such as Plectrumhead from the English guitarist Edward Box, and The Master Plan by independent Australian artist Chris Brooks. It's a modern sounding, experimental breed of jazz-fusion, featuring flawless shredding yet remaining unpretentious - mainly due to the deceptively easy-going accompanying rhythms which breeze alongside the guitars. This is highly intelligent and infectious music; it features relaxed swinging percussion, walking bass lines, jazz pianos and soft-toned synths, with Nelson's guitar work taking its place as lead and soloist. I've found it to be a real toe-tapper.

LOOK begins with "Diagonal Blue," and an opening riff which is total bar-lounge jazz. Its laid-back tempo and hip-swinging groove is beguiling, an attitude which continues through "Complicated" - slightly cheeky, ever-groovy and very very stylish. Nelson combines catchy riffs with infectious rhythms, showing off an intelligent and likeable songwriting style.

"Rocking Chair" brings about a change of style. Here we have an almost country atmosphere, with sliding riffs and easy beats, but the accompanying synthesiser feels more tropical - this is lazy and contented, speaking of hot days and relaxation. That's interrupted by "Full Blast"- something upbeat! For the first time the percussion drives the tempo forward, and the guitar line answers eagerly. Still mischievous of riff, this is a song where the soloing is self-indulgent and the mood is jubilant. "Out Of Nowhere" is back to the booty-shaking jazz tempo of the first track, and despite being a bit like a game show theme song at times, is still mighty likable. It sends us out on a rolling series of bluesy chromatic chords - beautiful.

At only 5 tracks and just over 22 minutes, this is a really good length for a solo instrumental album. It's enough to whet an appetite, but short enough that I'm left wanting to hear more. For people who like their prog seasoned with a good dose of jazz, this is a winner; fans of other successful jazz-rock fusion artists such as Stramonio, The Flower Kings and Frank Zappa will get a lot out of LOOK. Check it out.

Similar to: Satriani, Vai

Also released by Orchard (800939)

[This review originally appeared February 2004 at the ProgPower Online review site -ed.]

Diagonal Blue (3:47) / Complicated (5:00) / Rocking Chair (4:13) / Full Blast (4:13) / Out Of Nowhere (5:02)

Paul Nelson - guitar
Mike Mancini - keyboards

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plus guitar work and music for the [then called] World Wrestling Federation''s XFL-NBC/TNN/UPN

Genre: Rock

Origin US

Added: November 27th 2004
Reviewer: Karyn Hamilton
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Language: english


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