Notturno Concertante - Riscrivere Il Passato

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Mellow Records
Catalog Number: MMP 417
Format: CD
Total Time: 46:56:00

Six years were necessary to release this masterpiece from Notturno Concertante, one of the most interesting bands in the prog scene. It makes me feel so good because they come from my country, and it shows that in Italy there is still someone that can play prog music at a world level.

Notturno Concertante is formed by two poly-instrumentalists, Lucio Lazzaruolo, who takes care of keyboards, classical guitar, piano; and Raffaele Villanova, who plays basses and guitars, and he's a very good singer, too. His voice is very warm and has an evident taste for the melody.

Their music is more an acoustic-oriented prog, with a lot of folk and Celtic music influences. And I noticed some "old prog" stuff, but it is elaborated upon in a very original way, because they add many aspects of Italian music and wonderful melodies, mixed with some ethnic influences. Some of the material, like "Enclave De Sol," is such that it could appear on one of the best Steve Hackett albums; or take "La Citt? Nuova," where you can find a great feeling guitar solo like the best of Steve Rothery. Plus, there's some ethnic stuff on "Electric Rain" that could be from the high quality Discipline label. Another song to mention is "Six Of The Best," dedicated to Genesis (the six of the song are Peter Gabriel and co.), played in a Lamb style.

However, this gets my high rating ever among the new releases.

[Davide gave it a 6/5 in fact -ed.]

Giga (3:19) / Perversi (2:52) / Io Ti Amo (2:54) / Six Of The Best (2:53) / Enclave De Sol (1:13) / La CittÀ Nuova (4:28) / Electric Rain (3:01) / If The Winter Had Its Spirit (2:57) / Gente Dietro La Finestra (3:50) / La Danza (2:43) / Erewhon (2:52) / Lezioni Di Vita (3:47) / So Many Things I Would? (2:36) / Flood Of Tears (3:43) / La Luce Della Notte (2:48)

Lucio Lazzaruolo - piano, nylon guitar, synths
Raffaele Villanova - guitars, bass and vocals

Guest Musicians:

Geppino Borriello - guitar and keyboards (15)
Sabrina Caprarella - voice
Renato Colantuoni - acoustic bass (2)
Raffaele Tiseo - acoustic and electric violin
Paolo Picone - drums and percussion
Enrico Riccio - electric guitar
Caterina D'amore - flute
Graziano Mossuto - accordion

The Hiding Place (1990/1993)
Erewhon (1993)
News From Nowhere (1993)
The Glass Tear (1994)
Riscrivere Il Passato (2002)
Transparent Music (2004?) [may never have been released..]

Genre: Symphonic Prog

Origin IT

Added: December 3rd 2003
Reviewer: Davide Guidone
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Language: english


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