Ñu - Requiem

Year of Release: 2002
Label: PIES
Catalog Number: CDPI024
Format: CD
Total Time: 62:26:00

During my last holidays in Spain I was not only pleased to find no fewer than seven releases by Ñu I didn't have, I was mostly pleased to see the band had released a brand new studio album in 2002, although actually composed in 1996. Curious to hear whether at all José Carlos Molina's Ñu still merits being called the Spanish Jethro Tull, I sat down by the pool, a glass of chilled local white wine in the hand, ready to be taken on a new musical ride. Having been around long enough, Molina certainly knows how to approach the recording of an album productionwise hence the perfect sound of the new album. The opening for "Mazmorra" certainly is a work of art, taking me in my dreams right to the centre of South-America before medieval horns introduce the actual song. As with Asfalto in the seventies [another popular Spanish prog outfit - JB], most of the material will be mainly metal influenced with enough flute interventions to keep all of us happy. "Tenebros" is even VERY heavy metal with more attention for Pedro Vela's guitars and the son of Molina (he's also called José Carlos, to make things easy!) on drums. "Gracias" begins the way we all love before turning once again towards a rather mediocre metal offering which however holds some violin parts to remain in the spirit of things. But then, thank god, the Ian Anderson in Molina wakes up and does exactly what we expect him to do! Things even get better during "Sacrificio" when flute and violin merge into the kind of material we all want to hear. Songs From The Wood anyone? Coz' indeed, when Molina senior tackles the flute his style of playing comes very close to that of Mr. Ian Anderson.

The Spanish lyrics and the often heavy (horses?) guitars turn the music into pure Ñu music with of course a definitive blink of an eye towards Jethro Tull. "Hada" returns towards the acoustic approach, introducing cello, acoustic guitars and the omni-present flute before all storms break free and Molina junior unleashes his drums upon us. The final three songs Molina leaves his son at home, taking care of the drum section himself making the result certainly less metal oriented. In that respect "Refugiados" is like a breath of fresh air. Apart from bass and guitar, Molina (the "old") takes all instruments for his account during "La Boca Del Infierno" which enables him to have more control over the arrangement. This gives Molina the chance to return to the acoustic setting of flute and strings right towards the end. A perfect ending to an otherwise doubtful album.

Those who already know about Ñu I would recommend an album like Cuentos De Ayer Y De Hoy rather than this one. Those who might already have some Ñu material at home, I would recommend the live recording La Noche Del Juglar rather than Requiem, but hurry as only 1000 numbered copies have ever been pressed, whilst the album already dates from 1999!

Mazmorra (5:28) / Tenebros (4:43) / Aramundi (5:42) / Gracias (5:04) / Sacrificio (5:24) / Dagas (7:15) / Hada (10:11) / Entrega Romantica (6:54) / Refugiados (5:04) / La Boca Del Infierno (6:36)

José Carlos Molina - vocals, flute, whistle, keyboards
Pédro Vela - guitars
Juan Miguel Rodriguez - bass
José Carlos Molina Junior - drums
Juanan Saceda - trombone
Chema Saceda - trumpet
Miguel Lozano - bass
Jorge Calvo - organ
Vesco Kountchev - violin
Gorka Alegre - bass
Joaquin Ruiz Asumendi - cello

Cuentos De Ayer Y De Hoy (1978)
A Golpe De Latigo (1979)
Fuego (1983)
Acorralado Por Ti (1984)
No Hay Ningún Loco (1986)
El Mensaje Del Mago (1987)
Vamos Al Lio!! (1988)
Dos Años De Destierro (1990)
Imperio De Paletos (1992)
La Danza De Las Mil Tierras (1994)
1975 - 1995: Veinte Años Un Día (1995)
La Taberna Encantada (1997)
La Noche Del Juglar (1998)
Cuatro Gatos (2000)
Coleccion (2001)
Esperando (2002)
Requiem (2002)
Titeres (2003)

Madrid 3 Noviembre Del 2006 (DVD) (2007)

Genre: Progressive-Power Metal

Origin ES

Added: October 13th 2002
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.myspace.com/josecarlosmolina
Hits: 286
Language: english


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