Oldfield, Mike - Tr3s Lunas

Year of Release: 2002
Label: WEA
Catalog Number: 0927 458922
Format: CD
Total Time: 58:19:00

Living in Ibiza certainly has done Mike Oldfield a world of good. His distinctive way of playing the guitar hasn't changed, yet he has found the world of drum'n bass, which he has introduced into his own original music in a way only he can master. The first notes of "Misty" fully illustrate what I'm on about. In a way you can compare it with Enigma yet minus the Gregorian chant (take "Return To The Origin" as a prime example). So, yes, it is repetitive, but wasn't Tubular Bells built along the same recipe? The music comes floating towards you without imposing itself one single second in order to be the perfect "chill out" album. Take "Nomanland" which could be the perfect replacement for Francis Lai's "Bilitis" including some wonderful, laid-back guitar.

World music is introduced in "Viper," combining the Indian world with the contemporary urban jungle. The single "To Be Free" almost goes as far as Johnny Clegg and Savuka incorporating African chant in its melody. Then again "Turtle Island" comes from the Francis Goya "book of muzak." A nice resting point on this album is "Daydream" which starts on piano as if it concerns a piece by Saint-Saéns. Sometimes the soundscapes Oldfield uses come close to the world of Vangelis, as we can witness during "Sirius." If you want to relive the Tres Lunas material in 3D you can do so by using the accompanying bonus disc which includes MusicVR, a 3D interactive PC Game written and conceived by Mike Oldfield. Sadly, the record company hasn't been honest by leaving behind the information that it only concerns a demo of the actual game. If you want access to the full game then you need to pay extra through Oldfield's website . Tres Lunas is not a groundbreaking album, but worse music has been released over the years. So "chill out" at ease and let the Ibiza sun descend into your rainy suburb.

[Payment unlocks the full version included on the bonus disk, as disclosed on the website. You can also download either the demo or the full version from the website -ed.]

Misty (3:59) / No Man's Land (6:08) / Return To The Origin (4:38) / Landfall (2:19) / Viper (4:32) / Turtle Island (3:40) / To Be Free (4:21) / Firefly (3:46) / Tres Lunas (4:35) / Daydream (2:15) / Thou Art In Heaven (5:22) / Sirius (5:47) / No Man's Land (Reprise) (2:56) / Bonus Track: To Be Free radio edit

(some editions also have Music VR - 3D Interactive PC Game)

Mike Oldfield - everything, as always
Sally Oldfield - vocals
Amar - vocals
Jude Sim - vocals

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Genre: Electronic

Origin UK

Added: September 8th 2002
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

Artist website: www.mikeoldfield.com
Hits: 643
Language: english


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