Paatos - Timeloss

Year of Release: 2005
Label: InsideOut
Catalog Number: IOMCD 971/SPV 085-40762
Format: CD
Total Time: 38:49:00

Sweden's Paatos are two-fifths of Landberk - those two being Stefan Dimle (bass and double bass) and Reine Fiske (electric and acoustic guitars). Timeloss is the first release from the new group, released in 2002, which also includes Huxflux Nettermalm (drums and percussion), Petronella Nettermalm (vocals and cello), and John Wallán (pianos, Hammond, Moog, clavia, synths, mellotron, harmonium), as well as various guests throughout.

As you might expect, the music itself is rather stark and understated, incorporating both dissonance and a lyrically trilling flute (as on "Hypnotique"). Even if there is an open and airy feel to the arrangements, this is not cheerful music. But, the phrase "hauntingly beautiful" is certainly apt- a certain fragility in the dry, sparse vocals from Petronella - almost childlike in some respects, which makes the dark themes of the lyrics even more gloomy. "Téa" is the only track here sung in Swedish, the title of which is Petronella and Huxflux's daughter's name. "They Are Beautiful" is another haunting piece - the setting, as I interpret it, is wartime and the protagonist is watching children play knowing that that innocence will end soon-

Though "Quits" is a more lively with its programmed drums snickering out an almost danceable beat, just a few bpms shy of house - and yet, there is an urgency in them that contrasts with Petronella's almost whispered vocals. But those vocals command attention - it is accusatory (reflecting the lyrics) and intimate - very intimate, as she's "in your face" (or ear, actually) without aggression? and you know, they say you have to watch the quiet ones. Wallén creates some very lovely, swirling, shimmery atmospheres on electric piano, while Dimle's deeply humming bass strolls about. This is the longest track at 12-plus minutes, and includes (much to my delight) sax (Jonas Wall), trumpet (Micke Sörensen) and trombone (Per Kristensson) playing at first jazzy figures, and then avant-jazzy figures as the piece takes a very angular turn. Analog drums become a part of the mix, too, crisp and authoritative.

It is on this latter track that the band come alive, though that isn't to say the rest of the album is dull. It's not, but it is often so understated that this last piece - building to a flurry of brass and percussion as it does - seems almost exuberant and joyous. At least musically.

The interior artwork -- pictures of a small, sparsely furnished flat, underscore the starkness of the music?as does the cover.

Actually, they were two-fifths Landberk, but Fiske has since been replaced by Peter Nylander

First released in 2002 by Stockholm Records (066-147-2), then by Mellotronen in 2004

Sensor (5:11) / Hypnotique (8:32) / Téa (5:45) / They Are Beautiful (7:44) / Quits (12:17)

(2004/5 edition has video of Hypnotique)

Stefan Dimle - bass and double bass
Reine Fiske - electric and acoustic guitars
Huxflux Nettermalm - drums, congas, percussion, water, saw, triangle, programming
Petronella Nettermalm - vocals and cello
John Wall´n - electric piano, Hammond organ, Moog, clavia, Yamaha synths, mellotron, upright piano, Steinway grand piano, harmonium, sampler


David Wilczewski - flute (2), clarinet, bass clarinet (4)
Adrian and Maila Dimle - background sounds (4)
Téa Nettermalm - background sounds (4)
Jonas Wall - saxophone (5)
Micke Sörensen - trumpet (5)
Per Kristensson - trombone

Timeloss (2002)
Kallocain (2004)
Silence Of Another Kind (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin SE

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