Landmarq - Thunderstruck

Year of Release: 1999
Label: Synergy
Catalog Number: n/a
Format: CD
Total Time: 50:16:00

With the arrival of "chanteuse" Tracy Hitchings, a new period in the life of Landmarq was launched. Exit Damien Wilson and to everyone's amazement "welcome Tracy!" In fact, Tracy could've joined Landmarq much sooner, but when Tracy had her solo album From Ignorance To Ecstasy ready she was told that the album would only be released "as long as she didn't join Landmarq!" The asking party was the now defunct Dutch SI label so in the end the CD was released in 1991 and Tracy stayed loyal to her promise: she didn't join Landmarq. But now, thank god, she did.

To end one period of time and to start another we can expect two Landmarq live CD's in the coming months. Thunderstruck is the first one containing a very crisp sound which is exactly what can be expected during the band's live performances as well. La Hitchings shines like never before during ace performances of "Pinewood Avenue," "Science Of coincidence" and "Summer Madness." Guitarist Uwe D'Rose is master of ceremony during "The Overlook," getting close to David Gilmour.

The sound of [a] "musical" is heard during "Between Sleeping And Dreaming," and also during the intro for "Borders" the arrangement steers into the direction of total recognition. Steve Leigh's keyboards sound ever so clear whilst Dave Wagstaffe's drumming barges right through your speakers. Sadly this recording has been made in front of a small audience (the applause sounds ever so thin) because a much thicker live feel would have done this recording a lot of good. Pity also that we get the album on the size of a CD and no longer on 12" album size because in the middle of all these tiny photographs on the inside sleeve are the nice ? breasts of Tracy. For once we finally get sex in progressive rock and we feel sorry that this album isn't available on vinyl! At least the album's sleeve would have taken us close to reality ? However a sincere congratulations has to go out to the band for the superb sleeve design which apparently they "found" on the Internet! Now how about a close-up of Tracy dressed as Eve for live album volume 2?

Pinewood Avenue (6:14) / Solitary Witness (5:38 / Science Of Coincidence (4:44) / Tailspin (5:02) / The Overlook (9:20) / Between Sleeping And Dreaming (9:18) / Borders (4:33) / Summer Madness (10:47)

Tracy Hitchings - vocals
Steve Leigh - keyboatrds
Uwe D'Rose - guitar
Steve Gee - bass
Dave Wagstaffe - drums

Solitary Witness (1992/2002)
Infinity Parade (1993/2002)
The Vision Pit (1995)
Science Of Coincidence (1998)
Thunderstruck (1999)
Aftershock (2002)
Turbulence - Live In Poland (2009)
Entertaining Angels (2012)
Origins - A Landmarq Anthology (2014)
RoadSkill - Live In The Netherlands (CD/DVD) (2015)

Turbulence - Live In Poland (DVD) (2006)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin UK

Added: January 1st 2000
Reviewer: John "Bobo" Bollenberg

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Language: english


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