Mongol - Doppler 444

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Belle Antique
Catalog Number: 97320
Format: CD
Total Time: 49:00:00

It?s a fantasy! I?m even not sure in the necessity of writing a detailed review on this album. 6 long tracks, 50 minutes of mind-blowing music! No, I can't be quiet and dispassionate when I talk about this work from an absolutely unknown (I haven't seen this name on the web!) Japanese band. Because passion is burning inside me like a volcano! Seems like these guys are not after any kind of popularity at all. They compose and play not the Earthly music, this is the music for a selected circle! The laws are broken, and all Gods of Progressive Rock are dethroned (I?m not afraid to say this) in the presence of a unique Entity (yeah!) Doppler 444! Really, words fail me to describe it as usual! It?s MAGICAL, it?s HYPNOTIC, it?s... ORGASMIC!.. Fantastically outstanding Celestial Progressive Rock! Oh, my God, Heaven (and personally Hiroyuki Kitada for recording a CD-R of this album for me!), thank you SO MUCH for this MIRACLE! Who was it who said that real Prog died in the middle of the 70s? The real Prog is just born by an Entity called Mongol in the Land of the Rising Sun! This "rattling" blend of all main Progressive Genres (Art Rock, Prog Metal, and Jazz Fusion) is making me CrazeE (in a good meaning)! I have hard times defining what style that is! And now, with this music, I?m standing somewhere on the line between Timelesness and Eternity, Flesh and Divine, Life and Death!.. So, where am I? I?m in Love! (Have you ever heard from me this? Can you believe me? But it even doesn't matter!).

From The Beyond/Doppler 444 (9:58) / Garadama (7:04) / Homewards (1:04) / Driller (5:55) / Merazome (6:47) / Greatful Paradise (18:12)

Takeshi Yasumoto - piano, keyboards
Hirofumi Mitoma - guitars
Naoto Amazaki - bass
Kiyoshi Pochi-Imai - drums, percussion

Doppler 444 (1997)

Genre: Fusion-Jazz Fusion

Origin JP

Added: January 1st 2000
Reviewer: Vitaly Menshikov

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Language: english


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