Angra - Angel's Cry

Year of Release: 1993
Label: Century Media
Catalog Number: 7970-2
Format: CD
Total Time: 71:38:00

This progressive speed metal band from Brazil combines the qualities of speed, intricate tempo/time changes, and adds in a hefty does of classically influenced orchestrations thanks to the vision and influences of singer/songwriter Andre Matos, who is not content to sit back and write anything twice, making this band one of the "true" progressive bands of the decade.

Angel?s Cry, the band?s first release, serves up portions of just about every mixture of song structures one could stuff onto one disc. Speed, ballads, power, melodies, and incredible musicianship drive Angra to a level that make them one of those bands that refuse to copy or clone themselves to any one singular band, if many at all. What makes this band so special is that each instrument has a separate function within each song, in that it?s easy to pick out and hear what each instrument is doing at any time, yet the band manages to combine every aspect of their music into one singular sound that defies the concept of unity. The twin guitar attack of guitar wizards Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt drive the powerful Angra sound, while the drumming of Ricardo Confessori propels the speed and tempo of the band effortlessly and methodically. Add in the high flying vocal attack of Andre Matos, who has an incredibly high range and can go from a soft, feminine style to a screeching Rob Halford style in the blink of an eye.

Sascha Paeth, who has a hand in just about every great sounding disc in the world, had his hand in this recording as well, making the sound scream out of a system with precision and clarity.

If you are into speed metal, but mixed in with tons of tempo changes, orchestral arrangements, and highflying vocals, Angra is the band you want to check out. Few bands enter that realm of the term "true progressive metal", but Angra fits that term perfectly.

[Larry wrote this before Angra split; Kiko and Rafael remain, Andre, Luis, and Ricardo left to work on a new project. -ed]

Unfinished Allegro (1:15) / Carry On (5:03) / Time (5:54) / Angels Cry (6:49) / Stand Away (4:55) / Never Understand (7:48) / Wuthering Heights (4:38) / Streets Of Tomorrow (5:03) / Evil Warning (6:41) / Lasting Child: I The Parting Words II Renaissance (7:35) / bonus tracks: Evil Warning (diff. vox.) (6:40) / Angels Cry (remixed) (6:48) / Carry On (remixed) (5:09)

Rafael Bittencourt - guitars
André Matos - vocals
Kiko Loureiro- guitars
Luis Mariutti - bass
Ricardo Confessori - drums

Reaching Horizons (1992) (Demo-Tape)
Angels Cry (1993)
Holy Land (1996)
Freedom Call (ep) (1996)
Holy Live (ep) (1997)
Fireworks (1998)
Rebirth (2001)
Hunters And Prey (ep) (2002)
Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sáo Paulo (2002)
Temple Of Shadows (2004)
Aurora Consurgens (2006)
Aqua (2010)
Best Reached Horizons (2012)
Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour (2013)
Secret Garden (2014)

Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sáo Paulo (DVD) (2003)
Angels Cry - 20th Anniversary Tour (2013)

Genre: Progressive/Power Metal

Origin BR

Added: October 31st 2000
Reviewer: Larry "LarryD" Daglieri

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Language: english


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