Psychedelic Breakfast - Duece

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Sonance Records
Catalog Number: S051601
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:04:00

Another jam band is making a grand entrance onto the burgeoning rock jam band fusion scene. Groups like Psychedelic Breakfast define and continually redefine the meaning of what a jam band is. Although fusion is the key word by default, this group doesn't draw a line in the sand; they jump back and forth to emphasize sharp contrasts and comparisons of jazz, rock, blues, reggae, and psychedelic rock. They are undeniably a progressive group without any boundaries. One their second album titled simply Duece they actively pursue new inroads to their many talents. In a musical frame of reference they are quite literally a musical Mexican jumping bean.

"Beef Barley" was my favorite track on the CD. There is a happiness, joy, and general fun feeling in this music. This track really has a good sense humor and musicality; it puts the group in a very good light. Actually the entire album is full of fun, and a feel-good-all-over vibe prevails. You're bound to get "The Tribal Funk Affliction" once you hear this music. Once you have it you can't turn back, it's terminal.

Tim Palmieri is an enormously resilient guitar man and the rest of the group fall right in line like it was written in the stars. This band is as relaxed and confident as could be, and you can hear it in their attitude and their playing.

So "What The Funk" is your problem? Get off yer ass and go buy this CD now!

[The band have since changed their name to The Breakfast -ed.]

Tribal Funk Affliction (12:55) / See The Light (6:15) / LDZ (3:24) / Phaddy Boom Baddy (8:20) / Question Mark And The Mind (4:14) / Beef Barley (7:35) / Buquebus (13:17) / What The Funk (4:58) / Mooboo's Voodoo (Episode 2) (12:21)

Tim Palmieri - guitar/vocals
Adrian Tramontano - drums/vocals
Jordan Giangreco - keys/vocals
Ron Spears - bass

Psychedelic Breakfast (1999)
Live At Toad's
Deuce (2002)
The Breakfast - Bona Fide (2003)
The Breakfast - Real Radio (2005)
The Breakfast - Moxie Epoxy (2006)
The Breakfast - Live As Is (2009)

Genre: Jam Band

Origin US

Added: March 24th 2002
Reviewer: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck
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Language: english


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