Gorczyca, Andrew - Reflections: An Act Of Glass - The Music Of Andrew Gorczyca

Year of Release: 2009
Label: ProgRock Records
Catalog Number: PRR700
Format: CD
Total Time: 41:58:00

As if an iceberg pulled from arctic waters, this music can be cold and glossy at times, and aside from the opening epic, "The Tall Tale Heart," the material is a bit monosyllabic. In spite of shrill rigidity, this music proves to have hidden depth. The smaller ice packs are especially transparent; however, there are attractive lattices imprinted on their smooth veneer. For this reason, Reflections fits the mold of emotive eighties artists like Morrissey, New Order, Information Society, and Depeche Mode.

In tune with those overproduced plastic bands from yesteryears, the lyrics can be awfully trite at times. Proof positive comes within the initial minutes: Gorczyca sings "Pick me up when I feel down, throwing me back when I turn around." So, it might qualify as Progressive Rock due to the liberal use of keyboards, but you won't be chiseling out profound concepts when burrowing into these ice sculptures. That's not to say there aren't a couple standout moments.

For starters, "From The Day Forward," is crystal-clear and features a graceful fandango on the guitar. Still, it gives the impression of an unreleased song decades past its birth. Quite possibly, the composition had been vacuum-sealed and stowed away for lack of sister material.

Fortunately, later tracks are modern and fresh without the need to wash off preservatives. "Give It Time," for instance, has trace elements of Tiles and Enchant. Then again, it could have been one of Yes' more contemporary numbers. Also, "Lost In It All" uses violins in a revolutionary way.

The guitar does a lithe dance again in "Curiosity Song (I Only Want To Know)". Only this time it's joined by a manic batch of synthesizers. As if dealing with the alternating phenomena in the Star Trek series, "Peasant Under Class" regresses with stylings from Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Then the album leaves us with a conundrum of sorts, because the last song, "All Fixed (Predestination)" is a potpourri of earlier tracks. The production is flat, the lyrics are stale, but instrumentally its imaginative.

If it's not one thing, it's another, but there is a stable foundation of creativity here. Keeping in tow with floating snow-formed glaciers, the bulk of its substance lurks below the surface.

[Note: This is a tribute conceived and produced by Andrew Gorczyca's brother Chris, who contributes drums, keyboards, and percussion. He is joined by Adrian Belew, Bryan Beller, Nick D'Virgilio, Ryo Okomuto, Dave Meros, Randy George, Ted Leonard, Phil Keaggy, Mike Keneally, and a few notable others - totaling eighteen and recorded in twelve different locations. That would explain why it's such a mixed bag.]

The Tall Tale Heart (8:08) / From This Day Forward (5:04) / Give It Time (3:53) / How Can We Go On This Way? (3:32) / Lost In It All (5:46) / Curiosity Song (I Only Want To Know) (5:53) / Peasant Under Class (4:52) / All Fixed (Predestination) (4:47)

Adrian Belew - guitars, vocals
Bryan Beller - bass
Nick D?Virgilio - vocals
Shawn Farley - bass, guitars
Chris G - drums, keyboards, percussion
Randy George - bass, keyboards
Andrew Gorczyca - vocals
Wil Henderson - vocals
Phil Keaggy - guitars
Mike Keneally - guitars
Ted Leonard - vocals
Dave Meros - bass
Rich Mouser - guitar
Rick Musallam - guitars
Ryo Okumoto - keyboards
Billy Oskay - violins
Greg Strickland - bass
Marc Ziegenhagen - keyboards

Reflections: An Act Of Glass - The Music Of Andrew Gorczyca (2009)

Genre: Progressive Rock

Origin US

Added: October 26th 2009
Reviewer: Joshua "Prawg Dawg" Turner
Artist website: www.chris-g.com
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Language: english


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