Quarkspace - Spacefolds 7

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Eternity's Jest Records
Catalog Number: 2002-07-16
Format: CD
Total Time: 72:30:00

Bring the weirdest 3D space documentary you can find, a bag of popcorn, and an extremely large soda. If you're into magic cakes, bring some of those, too; you're gonna need 'em. Then find yourself somewhere really comfortable to sit on and put on a set of headphones that a hippie would have been proud of and set the volume on high, as in REALLY HIGH. Or simply close your eyes and feel your body being taken slowly away on an astral trip through faraway nebulas and galaxies as Quarkspace's latest series of space rock improvisations, Spacefolds 7, plays on.

Spacefolds 7 is an interstellar soundtrack of vast proportions; a comprehensive voyage through space that flows through stardust, circles around stars, and glides in and out of everywhere unabashed. Throughout the course of the album, Quarkspace envisions richly textured atmospheres and lush instrument ambience that would make the members of Tangerine Dream or Hawkwind blush, all with an ethereal quality that can hardly be described as anything but trippy.

Swirling keyboards, swooping effects, atmospheric guitars, and a stubbornly persistent bass soon become the rule and continue to be so until the fourth star song and final album track, "Blue Star Glowing," reaches its finale.

Now, you've got to remember something. Seventy-two minutes of spacey improvisation and intergalactic atmospheres are bound to drive anyone crazy if they turn out to be boorish, repetitive, or exhausted. Of course, seventy-two minutes of the opposite will probably drive the listener crazy as well, but in a good way, which is the case here. And from the dynamics of "The Translight Limited" to the Fripp-defyingly titled "Chippertronics, Vol.1," it all becomes a translucent musical nebula that conceals surprises at every corner and gently unfolds them as the seconds go by. Three words: far out man.

Similar artists: Tangerine Dream, Tim Blake, Klaus Schulze

Black Star Shining (8:11) / The Translight Limited (4:42) / Jay, The Prog Boy (3:15) / Fissure (6:28) / Red Star Pulsing (6:06) / Fujita (5:26) / Appliances Of The Gods (5:16) / The Living Stone (4:48) / Green Star Shooting (10:59) / Chippertronics, V / 1 (6:23) / True Millennium (4:40) / Blue Star Glowing (6:16)

Chet Santia - bass, guitar, guitar synth, percussion
Jay Swanson - keyboards, percussion
Paul Williams - drums, keyboards, loops, samples, percussion
Stan Lyon - stunt guitar, bass
Dave Wexler- guitar

Quarkspace (1996)
Live Orion (1998)
Spacefolds 1 (1996/2001)
Spacefolds 2 (1997/2001)
Spacefolds 3 (1997/2001)
Spacefolds 4 (1998/2001)
The Hidden Moon (1999)
Spacefolds 5
Spacefolds 6 (2000)
Spacefolds 7 (2001)
Drop (2001)
Node In Peril (2004)
Spacefolds 8 (2007)
Spacefolds 9 (2008)

Genre: Psychedelic-Space Rock

Origin US

Added: July 16th 2002
Reviewer: Marcelo Silveyra
Artist website: www.quarkspace.com
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Language: english


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