Quecia - This Is Where We Are

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Deep End Records
Catalog Number: 501-196-5
Format: CD
Total Time: 54:25:00

Fronted by the nice-looking and very young (only 21 years old) Kirsty McCarrick, Quecia could be the next surprise coming from the English lands. In fact, the band, barely born last year when the above-mentioned Kirsty met guitarist Paul Ayre, delivers a debut album that already shows good potential for the future. This Is Where We Are can be seen as a cross between good old Fleetwood Mac and new sensation Karnataka ("Where We Are" for example), and will certainly please the ones who are looking for melodic arrangements and strong female vocals. The only minor point I see is that sometimes the compositions are way too simple and not too different to standard ones, but I think that this aspect will be fixed on upcoming records. Meanwhile, speaking about strong female vocals, it's quite a pleasure listening to the ones from Kirsty, because she possesses a distinctive tone who covers a lot of deep end notes, an attribute you rarely expect and hear in today's female singers. Quecia obviously know that this is something to take advantage of, so it's no shock to see the voice way up in the final mix of the record. But this doesn't mean that the rest of the instruments are poorly recorded, 'cause actually it's just the opposite, with Chris Picton (bassist and keyboardist of the band) and Paul Ayre who manage to do a respectable work considered the small budget available. Indeed the sound is very warm and natural, like it should always be for records like this. So in the end I don't know if This Is Where We Are will conquer the "gone wild" UK market, but if you're searching for relaxing and well-played music you can certainly stop by the Quecia record, 'cause this is where they are!

Fight For This (3:50) / See Me Fall (3:44) / Somebody New (4:18)/ Wrong Kind Of Love (3:21) / Where We Are (4:46) / Stay (3:11) / Walk Away (4:24) / Alive (6:31) / Circles (3:09) / Falling (2:55) / Winters Tale (3:26) / Bitter East Wind (3:52) / Hunter Street (Part One) (1:25) / Sleep Walking In Paradise (5:33)

Kirsty McCarrick - vocals
Paul Ayre -guitars
Chris Picton - keyboards and bass
Roy Taylor - drums

This Is Where We Are (2002)
II (2004)

Genre: Rock

Origin UK

Added: June 26th 2002
Reviewer: Igor Italiani

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